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22 Dec 12 Android Christmas video teases docks for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

If you have $200 to spend and you want an Android tablet, you can’t do better than a Nexus 7. Even so, the tablet is a little short on one area: accessories from the manufacturer. One accessory, the long teased audio dock for the tablet, has shown up once again in a video from Google.

As if the people at Google weren’t already doing enough for the holiday season this year (with the themed search results and the Santa Tracker website and app), the Android team released a video thanking all of their fans and bringing a little Christmas cheer to the inanimate object at the party that deserved some love. The video serves as a cute way to show off the three Nexus devices and the features that have been brought into Android 4.2, like Miracast.

Nexus 7 Dock

In one scene, about 54 seconds into the video, a Nexus 7 gets placed into a dock that looks strangely like the audio dock that was leaked before the tablet was launched. The Nexus 7 is set in the mystery dock with Google Music ready to go, and it starts to play once the tablet is seated.

Of course, this dock has never been officially announced, or sold by Google or Asus. Recently, several third party retailers have made the dock available for pre-order with no expected time for delivery and no additional information for the product. If these suppliers are to be believed, it will sell for about $40.

Also spotted, only four seconds later in the video, is the dock for the Nexus 10. Unlike the full-frame unit for the Nexus 7, the dock for the 10 is a smaller center grip mode that the tablet leans on. There have been no details offered for this accessory to date — this was not one of the accessories that was announced at the launch of the tablet. Currently, none of the retailers claiming pre-order for the Nexus 7 dock have anything for the Nexus 10 one.

The Nexus 7 has been available since July, with the only accessory available from Google or Asus being the protective case with a flap for the screen. As with most Android smartphones and tablets, official accessories are usually released later when the manufacturer has determined that the device will actually sell.

If Google Play is any indicator the Nexus 7 has been sold out for days leading into the Christmas weekend, and given the rest of the evidence it seems that there might actually be a dock for this tablet available soon.

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