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24 Dec 12 Anomaly: Korea Now Live At Google Play

One of my favorite Android games is Anomaly: Warzone Earth which is a unique strategy game designed by 11 Bit Studios. I was excited to find out that a sequel to this popular game has been released over at Google Play called Anomaly: Korea. Knowing that its predecessor set a high standard in gaming how does this sequel stack up against it?


Anomaly: Korea is not your usual tower defense game. Instead of you playing the part of the defender you will become the attacker. The premise of the game is that aliens have invaded the Korean peninsula and it is up to you to get rid of them. You will have various vehicles and weapons at your disposal to aid you in your task. You will have five abilities which you can use namely Boost, Repair, Smoke, Decoy and Airstrike as well as six different units with different capabilities.

You will play the part as the leader of the convoy as you decide on the route it is going to take. You will have to carefully decide on the route you take and make sure that your convoy takes in as little damage as possible. The good news to this is that you can alter your route while you are already travelling.

The controls are pretty much easy and all you have to do is tap on your screen. You can swipe on the screen as well to get a good view of the map and use pinch to zoom to get a closer view.

This sequel is pretty much similar to Anomaly: Warzone Earth however its added Boost feature spices things up by dealing more damage to the defenders. The graphics of Anomaly: Korea is better and comes with more visual effects. One thing unique to this sequel is its Art of War Mode which provides you with six additional levels that are quite challenging.

Anomaly Korea can now be downloaded over at Google Play for $2.99. It comes with a 294 MB file size so it might take a while for you to download. I suggest downloading it over a Wi-Fi connection so as not to incur any data charges from your mobile network.

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