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18 Dec 12 Dead Trigger Christmas update now available in Google Play

Similar to what we saw from Madfinger games around Halloween, the company has announced their Dead Trigger Christmas update. This update is already live in Google Play and includes new game play, new weapons and deals on weapons as well as the opportunity to win a Dead Trigger t-shirt.


And as we like to see, this update also came with some tweaks and bug fixes. The tweak deals with the mini-mortar which is said to have been improved and made “more deadly.” The bug fix dealt with memory optimizations, specifically for lower-end devices. Also worth noting, the Dead Trigger game was, and remains available for free.

With those smaller items out of the way, lets get into the Christmas update. Those looking for weapons can take advantage of the new special prices and those looking to get that shirt, you will have to solve the underground puzzle. Otherwise, the changelog for this update also notes a new weapon, a grenade launcher, as well as new story missions, an encounter with a new Christmas boss called Zanta and a new North Pole Christmas Arena.

All said and done, it looks like Madfinger has released this update in perfect time. After all, come this time next week we suspect more than a few of you will have some days off for the holiday and what better way to waste some time then battling some zombies.

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