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28 Dec 12 Google Chrome Extensions : Google disables silent extension installs to Chrome – PC

Being an Internet user, you must be familiar with Google Chrome. Thumbs up! If you are using the same. Well, as Google Chrome uses, you might have noted the installation of some extensions in it, without your permissions. But this silent extensions installation is gong to be past as new features in Chrome 25 will allow users to run only those extensions, which they want to.

For those out of you , who are not familiar with this issue of Chrome; it was possible to install the extension silently with Windows registry mechanism . This feature was to help users make Chrome better for them, by installing the extensions during their favorite software’s installation. Though this was to benefit the users, it was abused by third parties. The silent installation of extension had been resulting in the poor functionality of Chrome.

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The new features in Chrome 25 will bring the new extensions’ installation into user’s consent by showing one-time pop-up. It will be possible for the user to enable to remove the extension from Google Chrome, via the same pop-up box. This new feature will make sure that there is not any extension installed on your Chrome Browser, which is not in your knowledge.

This is a terrible answer from Google to third-party spammers who had been installing the extensions for their own profit, for their software’s growth. But now, all will be in user’s control.  Every extension would have to pass from user’s choice, so to get installed in Chrome.

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