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21 Dec 12 Google Play growing faster than Apple’s App Store: Report

Google’s online Play shop of applications for Android-powered
smartphones or tablets is growing fast, a report released Thursday by
market tracker Distimo said.

The aggregate daily revenue at Google
Play shops across the 20 largest countries where they are available
climbed 43 percent during the past four months, while sales at Apple’s
online App Store increased 21 percent.

“Google Play is just
starting to rival the Apple App Store in a few countries on a worldwide
scale, even though it is still losing in terms of daily revenues,”
Distimo said in the report.

Apple’s App Store catering to its
iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices took in more than $15 million
dollars a day in November, while daily revenue at Google Play was just
shy of $3.5 million, according to Distimo.

“There were many
success stories in 2012 about applications that became very successful
in a matter of a few days and gathered millions of downloads and
revenues,” the analytics firm said in the report.

“Looking at the worldwide daily download and revenue volumes, the opportunity is really huge.”

game application “Draw Something” reached a million users in just nine
days, while Asian publisher Naver launched five games in November that
quickly became hits.

Naver game application Line Pop was downloaded 1.75 million times within three days of its release, according to Distimo.

report released this month by research firm IDC projected that Android
operating system will power more than two-thirds of smartphones sold
worldwide in 2012, and will remain the dominant platform for at least
the next four years.

IDC also boosted its forecast for global
tablet sales for 2012 to 122.3 million, from 117.1 million, in large
part due to demand for Android tablets and the new iPad mini.

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