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14 Dec 12 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City back on Google Play following launch issues

Curse no more, Android users: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is back on Google Play – and this time it works.

Though Rockstar originally released its neon-drenched, ’80s-inspired gangster classic into the Android ecosystem last week, the Red Dead Redemption creator was forced to pull it almost immediately following download issues.

During its short time on Google Play, GTA: Vice City attracted a barrage of one-star ratings from customers, many of whom complained that “XAPK Validation” was preventing them from downloading the game.

Rockstar blamed the problematic launch on “unforeseen technical issues”, and pledged to try and get a working Android version of the game live “by the end of next week”.

Yesterday, GTA: Vice City appeared on Google Play in full working order, beating Rockstar’s self-imposed deadline by 48 hours. Small victories, and all that.

With this unpleasantness (hopefully) behind us, Android users can finally pull on their Hawaiian shirts and get down to the important business of jacking cars, mowing down mobsters, and listening to synthpop hits as if Marilyn Manson had never happened.

You can purchase the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for £3.74 / $4.99 from Google Play right this second. So do.

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