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25 Dec 12 Happy Holidays: Here’s some top apps for your new Android tablet

Many of you this morning will be waking up to friends and family, warm fireplaces, hot chocolate or coffee, and tons of presents under the Christmas tree. Today’s Christmas around these parts (or something similar) and for those that were lucky enough to get some Android toys for the holidays, we have you covered. Today we’ll be sharing some top apps for your new Android tablet, as well as another post for your new Android smartphone.


If you were lucky enough to receive a shiny new Google Nexus 7, Samsung Nexus 10, Or a Transformer tablet rocking a Tegra 3 quad-core processor (or any Android tablet for that matter) we have a nice list below of some of our absolute favorite apps and games. First off you’ll want to check out this list of games for sale, as well as the app called AppSales for everything on sale this holiday season in the Google Play Store. Then enjoy our list below.

We hope you all are having an awesome Christmas or holiday season, and hopefully the list of apps below will help you enjoy that 7 or 10 in Android tablet even more. This is just a few (of many, many) apps that us here at Android Community enjoy, or love enough to specifically mention. Also feel free to drop comments in the section below if you want to suggest a few yourself.

Riptide GP
Just like last year, Riptide GP is still one of our absolute favorite games for Android. The graphics are stunning (especially on Tegra 3 devices) the gameplay is extremely addicting, and it seriously never gets old. This game holds a special place for my Android devices, and gets installed on everything I own. This is a premiere racing game for Android. And we enjoy all that high speed action right in the water. Here’s a quick look:

Riptide GP link

Dead Trigger
Next up we’ll have to choose Dead Trigger simply for the fact that this is one of the best shooter games for Android. Aside from Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, and a few others, this takes the cake. The game is enhanced for Tegra 3 devices, but plays great on everything and it never gets old shooting zombies. Does it? Again, check out some hands-on of this awesome shooter game below:

Dead Trigger link

Swiftkey 3
Next up we had to feature a keyboard, since Android allows for awesome 3rd party keyboard options. While typing is a breeze with Android 4.2 for those that have it, any other tablet will greatly benefit from the #1 3rd party keyboard available. That being SwiftKey 3. Their unmatched next-word prediction along with regular predictive text makes them one of the best around, not to mention Swiftkey Flow is coming soon and will be a free update. Get it now while it’s on sale for X-mas!


Swiftkey 3 Tablet link

ShadowGun and DeadZone
Since Android tablets have awesome 7 and 10-inch HD displays and powerful quad-core processors we’re getting more than a few games in this list. This technically counts as two but we’ll let it slide. Shadowgun is still the most popular shooter for Android devices, and we’ve been fans from the beginning. For those that love the Gears of War type gameplay — this is for you. They’ve also released an epic multiplayer 3rd person shooter in ShadowGun: Deadzone and we’d highly suggest you check that out too. Here’s a quick look:

ShadowGun linkTHD version
ShadowGun: Deadzone link

HD Widgets
As I’m sure many of you know, the best part of Android is customization. Being able to add highly customizable widgets to your homescreen for anything and everything. For those with the Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean you can even add widgets (like weather) right to your lockscreen. HD Widgets is one of the most popular widget packs in the Play Store — as they have widgets for just about everything. We’ll give Beautiful Widgets a shout out here too, but we love our HD Widgets.


HD Widgets link

Now this is just an extremely small window into the ever growing and massive Google Play Store selection of apps and games. You’ll surely want to check out The Amazing SpiderMan for tablets, the new Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android, automation apps like Tasker, new browsers like Google Chrome for Android, QuickOffice Pro, Falcon Pro for Twitter, or even the always useful Evernote App.

We’ll keep this post short and sweet so you can get back to enjoying your family, as well as these fun new games and apps for your Android tablet. We hope you all enjoy your friends, families, toys, gifts, or anything else this wonderful day. Merry Christmas!

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