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20 Dec 12 LG Nexus 4 Still Popular Despite Expensive Price and Limited Supply [VIDEO]


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LG did a great job of highlighting some of the Nexus 4′s best features and why they are going to matter potential customers looking at buying a new smartphone.

However, the unlocked version of the smartphone is out of stock in Google Play Store. Since the end of November, the Nexus 4 8GB has been sold out and more recently, the 16GB Nexus 4 sold out through Google’s Play Store.

Third party retailers like online shopping sites, eBay and Amazon are currently selling the device for prices well over those in the Google Play Store leaving many potential Nexus 4 customers with a difficult choice.

One can either buy the phone at an expensive price or wait for the device to arrive in the Google Play Store, something that could take months. Both LG and Google have pointed fingers at each other in regards to the party responsible for the delay.

So far, there is no update as to when the stocks of LG Nexus 4 in Google Play Store will be replenished.

Watch the video of LG Nexus 4 below.

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