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14 Dec 12 New Facebook update live on Google Play – Here …

That totally wonderific Facebook update that was supposed to go live later today? It’s live and yes, it’s totally awesome. Just like the Facebook guys promised, going full-blown native Android has made a world of difference, bringing forth an app that’s lighting quick and responsive. Say good bye to painful load screens, and images taking a lifetime to load. Posts from your “friends” are pushed to your device and your news feed is updated as they’re received. The result is 99% less pull-to-refreshes (we’ve calculated it). Neato.

There’s a few subtle UI changes as well. The action bar now auto hides as you scroll down your feed, resulting in a teensie bit more screen real estate than with the old app. Also, commenting on photos or posts results in a nicely animated quick popup letting quickly and easily leave awkward comments to that girl showing too much cleavage. Quick, quick, quick.

Comments: old vs new | Action bar: old vs new

Everything else is largely the same. It’s true there’s still a lot more work to be done, but I think it might be time to finally update all our 1-star ratings in the Play Store. Maybe to a… 3? Ah, what the hell. I’m giving it a 4. I am excite. If it’s been awhile since you downloaded the app, quick link has been provided below. Let me know what y’all think.

[Facebook on Google Play]

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