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17 Dec 12 Nexus 4 Update: Two New Mods from XDA for Snappier Performance, Clearer …


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The result: camera-shot clips that are more defined and with enhanced noise reduction. Swim your way this link for the detailed guide of this new mod:

As in the previous mod, your Nexus 4 must be rooted and has its bootloader to accommodate the reconfigure. Note too that the mod will need to access the system partition using a root file manager app.

One important reminder from Phandroid though. This tweak from mohit1234 will significantly increase the file size of your video files, which is problematic for the Nexus 4′s not too large storage capacity.

Regardless and if you have been seeking to enjoy beet video shots, check out this XDA link for the step-by-step guide:

And as in any other experiments, back up everything you treat as precious on your Nexus 4 to save some hassles for anything untoward to happen before allowing these two mods to reside on your handset.

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