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19 Dec 12 Official Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Offers Galaxy Note 2 Size Battery

Those looking to add more battery life to the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be happy to know that Samsung’s official Galaxy S3 extended battery is now available to pre-order, half a year after the device first went on sale.

The accessory is now on sale through resellers like UK retailer MobileFun who currently has the Galaxy S3′s official extended battery up for a mere $64.99. That’s not a bad deal for those who need a little more juice out of their Galaxy S3.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 official extended battery has arrived.

Samsung’s official battery kit provides a massive 3000 mAh battery that nearly puts it on par with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which offers a large 3100 mAh battery right from the start. The battery in the Galaxy S3 at the moment is a measley 2100 mAh battery which means that owners of the Galaxy S3 who pick up the official battery kit, will be adding a whole 900 mAh’s of power to the device.

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