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18 Dec 12 Petal-powered strategy game Eufloria HD drifts onto Google Play

Ambient RTS game Eufloria HD has taken root on Google Play, giving Android users the chance to sample its petal-powered charms.

Rather than add to the swelling ranks of military strategy titles featuring shouty men with shooty guns, Omni Systems chose to create a strategy title based around flowers.

While warfare and horticulture don’t appear to go hand-in-hand, in Eufloria they mesh to create a game that deals in conquest and colonisation, while simultaneously exuding a kind of dreamy calm.

In the game itself, you must launch seeds at floating asteroids. These seeds then grow to create blossom-bearing plants. The resulting flowers then detach and serve as a floating fleet, which can engage enemies in combat and help you claim more asteroids.

Eufloria is a beautiful game to look at, and its mellow soundtrack and petal-strewn battlefields are miles away from your standard testosterone-fuelled combat sim.

Though we found Eufloria a little too easy when we reviewed it on iPad, it has picked up numerous accolades for its handsome visual design and its unique take on a well-established genre.

You can download Eufloria HD from Google Play for £2.99 / $4.99 now.

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