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17 Dec 12 Puzzle & Dragons hits the Google Play Store, blocks rooted devices


Puzzle Dragons, originally released for iOS last month, has now made its way to Google’s Play Store for Android devices. Unless you’ve rooted your device, that is.

Described by developer GungHo Online Entertainment as a social puzzle role-playing game, Puzzle Dragons mixes and matches elements of jewel matching puzzle games like Bejeweled with simple RPG elements.

Ostensibly to prevent piracy, Puzzle Dragons refuses to run on rooted devices. The game’s page in the Play Store spells it out plainly:

Puzzle Dragons will not run on Rooted/Super User Android devices. If you observe the application starts but closes before splash screen pops, your device is likely rooted. To start the app, please turn off the Rooting/Super User option of your device.

Now, as most Android Authority readers are probably aware, rooting your device does not mean that you’re a pirate. Either GungHo is not aware of this, or they simply think that it’s worth alienating a large portion of its potential audience to prevent a few lost sales.

It’s pretty clear that this move has users upset, as the game currently has a 2.4-star rating in the Play Store, with 1-star reviews greatly outnumbering positive reviews. If you want to see the game for yourself (and you’re not rooted, of course) check out the Google Play Store link in the sources section below the article.

Are you running a rooted device? If so, is it keeping you from trying Puzzle Dragons, or would you not have been interested anyway?

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