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19 Dec 12 Wunderlist 2.0 update now available in Google Play

Wunderlist has been updated and the most recent release can be found in Google Play. And while some may say this app had been overdue considering the previous update came back in June, this 2.0 release appears to have been worth the wait. Yup, Wunderlist has gone up to version 2.0 and along with a fancy new number comes some new features and a new look.


That being said, lets get the basics out of the way — Wunderlist 2.0 is free to download, free to use and requires Android 2.2 or later for use. For those not familiar with Wunderlist, it is a to-do app. But perhaps more important, a to-do app that also syncs with the web as well as with your Mac or Windows computer. Some of the new features include reminders as well as recurring tasks and subtasks.

Other goodies that have come along with v2.0 include improvements in terms of speed and stability, a new background collection, improved widget, Smart Lists, advanced sharing of lists over Facebook, email or phone and what is being described as a new “supercharged” Cloud Sync. The app has also gotten notifications which can be delivered over push or email. In terms of notifications, Wunderlist also has the in-app notifications as well as a new Notification Center.

All said and done, if you were using the previous version of Wunderlist you are going to want to grab the 2.0 release sooner rather than later. And for those who have considered, but not yet begun using Wunderlist, this 2.0 release seems like as good a time as any to give it a shot.

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