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28 Dezember 12 LG Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus : Kamera Schießerei

ZUe had a run-in with Google’s flagship smartphone today and we put it to work right away. The Nexus 4 is built by LG and follows the Galaxy Nexus very closely in terms of design and aesthetics. We’ll have an in-depth first impressions of the phone for you very soon, but first, how about a little camera showdown against the Galaxy Nexus. The camera in the previous phone was only good if all the conditions were ideal like a bright summer’s day. Anything else and you might as well not bother taking the phone out of your pocket. The Nexus 4 on the other hand has an 8MP BSI sensor from Sony, so we can expect great things from it, especially in low light.

We will be comparing it with other handsets like the iPhone 5, Lumia 920, etc in the future but for now, we just want to see how much of an improvement it is over its predecessor.

On Video

We’ve shot a quick hands-on video of the LG Nexus 4, highlighting its design and build as well as a quick comparison with the Galaxy Nexus itself. We also get to see the new powerful Qualcomm SoC in action through a quick lap of NFS: Most Wanted.

Good detail on both but the Nexus 4 edges out the GNex with better depth of field

Good detail on both but the Nexus 4 edges out the GNex with better depth of field


In the first out door test, both cameras appear to capture very good amount of detail. Jedoch, the colours are a bit exaggerated in the Galaxy Nexus as compared the Nexus 4. Auch, the depth of field is stronger in the Nexus 4 as the blue wall and shrubs in the background are more blurred out.

No real competition here

No real competition here


Our second test was indoors, under sufficient ambient lighting. Hier, the BSI sensor come into play by offering a much better white balance as well as a lot more detail. The Galaxy Nexus is simply unable to capture enough detail and colours in this sort of lighting.

Good detail and accurate colours from the Nexus 4

Good detail and accurate colours from the Nexus 4


We finally come to our macro test. Erneut, the Nexus 4 came out on top with better white balance and much better contrast. The detail is also a lot better.

There’s no word when the Nexus 4 will actually launch in India but latest rumours state a possibility of an early Jan launch. You can buy the handset right now from the gray market for approximately Rs 30,000 für das 16GB-Modell. Stay tuned for our first impressions on the Nexus 4 coming up shortly. 

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