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16 Dezember 12 Tablet features war: Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 4 vs Nexus 7 vs iPad mini

The best way to compare different devices is to subject them to a series of tests. These tests are known as benchmarks which are used for determining the processing speed of the CPU, along with the navigation, and the performance of the graphics unit, GPU, for each of them. On Dec. 15, Itproportal released there comparison between the Nexus 10 und iPad 4, but now there is a recent video in which you will see interesting results in addressing the Nexus 7, Verknüpfung 10, das iPad 4 and iPad Mini.

The first thing that should be noted is that these devices are facing very different price ranges. The Nexus 10 und iPad 4 prices can’t be compared with those of Nexus 7 und die iPad Mini, but still it’s interesting to see the speed of each because this can help you decide which one to buy.

The first test that appears in the video compares the processing speed of the CPU, the central processing unit. For this test there is a a clear winner: the Nexus 10 mit einer Punktzahl von 2,761 points. The best thing about this issue is to compare it with its main rival, das iPad 4 that scores 1767 points. JPunkte the most curious thing about this test is that the Nexus 7 reaches a score 1659 points with its Nvidia Tegra 3 Prozessor, which is very close to the A6X iPad 4. The smallest of the Apple tablets, iPad Mini, falls far short with 758 points.

The second test determines how the CPU performs when browsing. For this test, the lower the score the better, and the iPad 4 wins with 839 Punkte, followed by Nexus 10 mit 1396, iPad Mini comes in at 1440 und Nexus 7 bei 1690.

The third test, which has already been mentioned, is to see what the performance of the graphics processing unit, the GPU. This test is very important due to the popularity of graphics software applications such as games. Dieses Mal, das iPad 4 again surpasses the rest, and by far, achieving a rate of 42 fps. It is followed by the Verknüpfung 10 mit 26 fps, iPad Mini with 24 fps and 14 fps for the Nexus 7. What happens in this test is that you have the screen-size as a factor, because the larger screens are supposedly penalized by size.

Although all the aforementioned tablets make a good choice for the holiday shopping season, the winner is the iPad 4. Jedoch, some may choose to go with cheaper options such as the Nexus 10, iPad mini or Nexus 7, which still offer a lot of power.

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