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31 Diciembre 12 Kii Keyboard: Latest Alternative Keyboard For Android Available On Google Play

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XDA Developers forum, brings together popular features from alternative keyboards such as SwiftKey, Swype, y otros.

The keyboard is still in beta, sin embargo, it already promises the following features:

  • Smart and accurate word predictions
  • User defined shortcuts for text
  • An extra row for number keys
  • An extra row for arrow keys
  • Swiftkey like prediction for the next word
  • Gesture controls with Swype like gesture input
  • Thumb Keyboard like split keyboard layout
  • Supports iOS6 emoji input
  • 8 build-in customizable themes
  • Support a variety of themes: Go Keyboard, Better Keyboard, Themeshop Keyboard themes
  • Customize any pictures as keyboard background
  • True Multi-touch keyboard

The Kii Keyboard also has support for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, aunque, it will run on devices with Android 2.1 o posterior.

You can download the keyboard from the Google Jugar tienda, though there is no indication yet when it will come out of beta.

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