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28 Diciembre 12 Engadget Reino Unido Sorteo: ganar un Nexus 4 cortesía de MobileFun

Engadget UK Giveaway: win a Nexus 4 courtesy of MobileFun

Who cares whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year? Not UK phone and accessory retailer, eso es seguro. Because the team there has been kind enough to pass along one shiny new Nexo 4 for us to give away (indiscriminately) to one lucky UK reader. MobileFun sells the latest in mobile tech all year round, but if Santa didn’t give you everything you wanted, there’s a good chance it’s on sale over there, so do go check it out. Not until you’ve entered the competition by leaving a comment of course. ¡Buena suerte!

The rules:

  • Leave a comment below. Any comment will do. Duplicate entries will be filtered out and discarded, so adding additional comments won’t increase your likelihood of winning.
  • This contest is open to all UK residentsaged 18 years or over! Triste, we don’t make this rule (we hate excluding anyone), so direct your anger at our lawyers and contest laws if you have to be mad.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly. One winner will receive one (1) new Nexus 4. Service does not come included with the prize.
  • If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.
  • This unit is purely for promotional giveaway. and Engadget / AOL UK are not held liable to honor warranties or customer service.
  • The full list of rules, in all its legalese glory, puede ser found here.
  • Entries can be submitted until 30th of December, 2012 en 23:59 GMT. ¡Buena suerte!

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23 Diciembre 12 Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 with Official Premium Suite XXELL4 Android 4.1.2 …

The update has officially made its way to several European countries. Pronto, the update is to be pushed for unbranded Galaxy S3 devices in Germany, Switzerland, Asia, África, the rest of Europe and Latin America.

Interested readers can check this tutorial to upgrade their Galaxy S3 with the new firmware, IE9, pero está aumentando y alcanzó en enero IBTimes UK will not be held responsible if you damage your device during installation.

Users can download the firmware depending on their location:

Reino Unido: GT-I9300_BTU_I9300XXELL4_I9300OXAELL4

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19 Diciembre 12 Rhythm ahora disponible en formato digital en Google Play

Get Rhythm on Android tablets

Got an Android tablet? Love the UK’s best-selling drumming magazine? You’re in luck, as Rhythm is now available on Google Play.

That means you can load up the Rhythm on your Android device, with issues costing just £2.99 each. Cabeza aquí to see if your device is compatible.

Downloading the magazine is easy: download the Google Play Magazines app, and search for Rhythm. Once you’ve downloaded the issue, it will be available forever, even if you need to remove it from your device.

You might like:

  • Total Guitar now available digitally on Google Play in the UK!
  • Rhythm digital version available now through Zinio
  • The Beatlescatalogue is available digitally…por ahora

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19 Diciembre 12 Galaxy S3 Oficial de batería extendida Ofertas Galaxy Note 2 Tamaño de la batería

Aquellos que quieran añadir más vida de batería para Samsung Galaxy S3 estará encantado de saber que oficial de Samsung Galaxy S3 batería extendida ya está disponible para pre-orden, medio año después de que el dispositivo salió a la venta.

El accesorio está a la venta a través de distribuidores como minorista del Reino Unido Mobilefun que actualmente cuenta con batería de larga duración oficial del Galaxy S3 para un mero $64.99. Eso no es un mal negocio para aquellos que necesitan un poco más de jugo de sus Galaxy S3.


El Samsung Galaxy S3 batería extendida oficial ha llegado.

Kit de batería oficial de Samsung ofrece una gran 3000 mAh batería que casi se pone a la par con el Samsung Galaxy Note 2 que ofrece una gran 3100 mAh de la batería desde el principio. La batería del Galaxy S3 en este momento es un measley 2100 mAh batería que significa que los dueños de los Galaxy S3 que recogen el kit de batería oficial, a añadir un conjunto 900 mAh de energía al dispositivo.

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18 Diciembre 12 Nexo 4 retrasos atribuidos a LG ‘escaso y errático’ suministro de Google jefe

Google UK’s managing director has made a fulsome apology to would-be buyers of the new Nexus 4 teléfono inteligente, blaming “escaso y errático” supplies from manufacturer LG, but admitting thatour communication has been flawedwith both sides.

Dan Cobley, the managing director for the UK, put the apology on his Google+ page following widespread criticism in user forums of erratic and perverse delivery schedules, in which people who ordered the phones online from Google earlier saw shipping dates long after those who made subsequent orders.

The Nexus 4, made by LG to Google’s specifications, runs a “pura Google” versión de Androide without any handset maker’s alterations. The comparatively low UK price of £239 for the 8GB model of the high-specification handsetwhich offers a 4.7in, 320ppi screen, 8 megapíxeles de cámara, HSPA+ connectivity and NFCattracted a significant number of buyers seeking to use it for a sim-only contract with a carrier.

But Google hit a series of supply chain problems because demand ran ahead of supply. Google has repeatedly declined to say how many were ordered worldwide, but has been overwhelmed with demand each time it has offered stock through its site, beginning in November.

Cobley said in a comment on one of his own posts told would-be buyers and those who had ordered thatI know what you are going through is unacceptable and we are all working through the nights and weekends to resolve the issue”. He offered anunreserved apology for our service and communication failures in this process”, adding that he realised thatthe people who ordered the Nexus 4 so early are among our most committed and loyal users”.

People who ordered the phones earlier in the month complained that after being told it would be shipped in “3-5 día”, that they then received no further notification from the company, and saw other people who had ordered later receiving shipping notifications. The problems have caused il feeling with a number of buyers.

I don’t mind (bien, I’m a bit miffed) that my phone is late,” wrote one would-be owner, Ben Stewart, on Cobley’s page. “I do mind that first in, first out isn’t being obeyed.” Que, together with the lack of communication, “are what’s really annoying”, dijo.

The hassles over delivery and shipping have left a number of purchasers dissatisfied over Google’s handling of the provision of phones. The Nexus 4, made by LG, is the fourth “pura Google” Teléfono Android, following the Nexus One made bt HTC, and the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus made by Samsung.

Google has also struggled with customers complaining that when they have wanted to return Samsung-made Nexus 10 tabletas because of problems, but have run into problems getting shipping labels.

Although the Nexus line of phones has been high-profile online, actual sales figures have been comparatively low, with figures released by Samsung during its patent trial with Apple in California over the summer showing that the Nexus S sold around 500,000 units in the year from the second quarter of 2011, when it went on sale there, compared to Samsung’s total phones sales of around 14.5m in the US for the same period.

The Nexus 4 has attracted widespread attention because of the low price at which Google is offering itequivalent to that for a lower-spec smartphone, rather than the Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S 3 or iPhone 5 with which it might be compared.

One irked commenter at product-reviews remarked: “Google needs to just buy a company that knows how to manage this process of selling physical items on line and shipping them. What they have now is a joke, If you call their device support, the people are clueless. Their ability to provide tech support for my Nexus 7 [tableta], or order status for my Nexus 4 is nil.

Google owns the loss-making mobile phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility (MMI). But MMI is in the midst of a retreat from a number of manufacturing and sales positions outside the US, selling off factories in China, India and Brazil and closing offices in South Korea and Taiwan. It is also not set up to deal directly with customer sales, because it is structured as a phone manufacturer which deals with carriers, rather than selling direct.

The text of Cobley’s apology reads:

Dear all

I know that what you are going through is unacceptable and we are all working through the nights and weekends to resolve this issue. Supplies from the manufacturer are scarce and erratic, and our communication has been flawed. I can offer an unreserved apology for our service and communication failures in this process.

For those that originally received a 3-5 days shipping estimate, your orders are now in process for fulfillment. You can expect an email notification early this week which will include tracking information. Although you will be initially charged in full, you will receive a credit for the shipping charge soon after.

For others that received pre-Christmas shipping estimates, we anticipate processing your orders for fulfillment this week.

I realise that the people who ordered the Nexus 4 so early are among our most committed and loyal users and we are doing all we can to put things right.

Sorry again.


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17 Diciembre 12 Google Play Revistas tierras oficialmente en el Reino Unido, un mes después de la música

While Brits have been able to buy music from Google Play for exactly a month now, the switch has just been flipped for revistas también, meaning UK folks can now download anything from Wired and Hello, to Mac|Life and, EL, Yachting World.

Google Play Magazines finally rolled out beyond the US at the end of October, launching for its North American neighbours, Canadá. Visitors to Google Play in the UK started seeing the changes yesterday, but the magazines weren’t yet available for purchase until today.

While music landed in France, Alemania, Italia, España, and the UK around the same time last month, it seems likely that these other territories will shortly follow for magazines too – indeed, the magazines section is already appearing in some of the local versions of these stores, so it’s safe to say they’ll be made available very shortly too.

As with other localized stores, you can search by ‘Top Magazines’, or by ‘Categories…which includes everything from Arts Photography, to News Politics.

In terms of pricing, bien, by way of example you can buy a single issue of Condé Nast’s Wired Magazine for £2.99 which is £1 cheaper than the physical copy, or a yearly subscription of £17.99, though if you choose to be billed monthly it will cost £1.99 an issue. The subscriptions will be billed directly through your Google Account, as with any apps, and many of them come with a free 30-day trial included.

It’s also worth noting that there is a dedicated Google Play Magazines Android app so you can browse and buy publications directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Tan, another big push forward for Google on the content front – and we can likely expect to see Magazines made available in a number of additional territories moving forward.

Google Play Magazines

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17 Diciembre 12 Nexo 7 Actualizaciones: Muelle de Nueva se estrenará Global, EE Reino Unido Pick Up the …


Al igual que nosotros en Facebook


Possible price tag for the dock is about, $US40, which reports said should be reasonable enough despite the absence of HDMI connectivity.

The Google tablet has been gaining considerable attention as more telcos around the world started picking up the slate, further pushing down its already affordable price, which the internet giant paired with top-notch hardware specs and a stock version of JellyBean.

Semana pasada, UK’s first 4G network EE added the 7-inch tablet to its growing stable of gadgets. Thanks to this Orange and T-Mobile consortium, the powerful device can be had for a one-off payment of between £30 and £50 plus monthly charges that will be determined by monthly data allowance.

Note that the Nexus 7, along with the Nexus 4 y Nexus 10, are not LTE-capable but thanks to EE’s LTE dongle, the device will be able to access super fast internet connection via Wi-Fi connectivity.

As proof to global consumersgrowing interest with the tablet, BGR News reported last week that Nexus 7s shipment is expected to exceed three million units by the end of December 2012, citing data from DigiTimes.

By the end of the current month alone, Asus would have shifted over one million of the tablet, easily surpassing its November total shipment of around 900,000.

Judging from tech expertsgenerally positive assessment so far and the sales numbers it has been generating since it was launched by Google, the Nexus 7 continues to reinforce its reputation as the most popular Androide tableta, at least in the 7x-inch class.

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16 Diciembre 12 Microquasar encontrado en la galaxia vecina, científicos tentadoras

Por primera vez, astronomers have found a microquasara black hole devouring material from a companion starin a galaxy beyond our own Milky Way. The object, pumping out X-rays and bright bursts of radio waves, was found in the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light-years from Earth. The discovery, scientists say, gives hope that more such objects may be found in nearby galaxies, providing them with opportunities to make detailed studies that will unravel the mystery of just how these enigmatic powerhousesand their big brothersactually work.

In a microquasar like the one newly discovered, a black hole with a mass several times that of the Sun pulls material from its companion star into a rapidly-rotating disk. The disk surrounding the black hole can become so hot it emits X-rays. The disk also propels narrow jets of subatomic particles outward at speeds nearing that of light. The jets generate strong bursts of radio emission.

As thefeeding rateof the black hole varies, the levels of X-ray and radio emission change, in an interplay whose details are not yet fully understood.

“Es, pensamos, the same mechanism at work in quasars at the cores of galaxies, where the black holes are millions of times more massive. Sin embargo, in the smaller systems, things happen much more rapidly, giving us more data to help understand the physics at work,” said Matthew Middleton, of the University of Durham in the UK and the Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, leader of the research team.

Understanding how these things work is important, because we think quasars played a big role in redistributing matter and energy when the Universe was very young,” Middleton added.

The first microquasar was discovered in 1994, and several have subsequently been found, all within our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Obscuration within our Galaxy makes it difficult to study the disks of these microquasars in the Milky Way, but finding one in a neighboring galaxy means we probably can find many more, thus helping our efforts to better understand their physics,” Middleton explained.

The orbiting X-ray observatory XMM-Newton discovered the object, called XMMU J004243.6+412519, en enero 15. The Swift and Chandra satellites then observed it regularly for more than eight weeks.

The National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) and Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), along with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager Large Array in the United Kingdom, studied the object at radio wavelengths.

The behavior of XMMU J004243.6+412519 at both X-ray and radio wavelengths closely parallels the behavior of previously-discovered microquasars. Además, the radio observations indicate that the emission from the object is coming from a small region.

Even the supersharp radio vision of the VLBA cannot resolve any detail in the object. The VLA detected variations in radio brightness over the course of minutes, indicating that the emitting region is no larger than the distance between the Sun and Jupiter.

All these indications show that what we have found is, indeed a microquasar,” Middleton said. The scientists estimate that the black hole probably is about ten times more massive than the Sun, and that its companion is a middle-sized, rather than a giant, estrella.

Middleton and his colleagues on an international team published their findings in the scientific journal Nature.

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16 Diciembre 12 Oficial Nexus 7 muelle sin caja, pero ni una palabra de un comunicado de | CNET Reino Unido

La Google Nexus 7 went on sale what seems like ages ago now. (Actually it was just back in the summer, IE9, pero está aumentando y alcanzó en enero a lot has happened since then.) Y el official dock is still yet to be released. Which is pretty puzzling, considering we brought you news of it leaking way back in August.

Well here it is on video for the first time, being unboxed and twirled for your viewing pleasure, Pocketnow reports. Hopefully we’ll see it hit the shelves sometime before 2015.

Embedding the video has been disabled by request, but you can check it out aquí.  

First up, we get a look at the back of the box, showing it is indeed the real deal, made by Asus. (There’s some suitably dramatic music to go with this as well.) Then it’s on to the manual, y, a continuación, just over a minute into the video, there’s the dock. Hurrah!

There’s Nexus branding in the corner, and a micro USB port and headphone jack on the back, along with the Asus logo. And generally it looks pretty much as we expected from the previous leak.

It also uses the Nexus 7s pogo-pin support, meaning there’s no need to connect any cables or even really dock the tablet properly. Just drop it in place and you’re good to go. A bit like the Nokia Nieve 920‘s wireless charging.

So why is it taking so long to reach these shores? Buena pregunta. So far it’s only been spotted on the Japanese Asus site, for the equivalent of about $42 (£26). Previamente, word reached us it’d cost around $50. There’s no word on a UK release, but I can’t see why Asus wouldn’t bring it out over here. 

How do you think the Nexus 7 stacks up against the IPAD in terms of accessories? Would you buy the official dock? Let me know in the comments, or on our Página de Facebook.

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15 Diciembre 12 Imagínese cartera revista ya está disponible en Google Play

[Este comunicado de prensa sin editar se hace cortesía de Gamasutra y su asociación con el juego notable de relaciones públicas relacionadas con los recursos GamesPress.]

Imagine Publishing’s ‘Content is King’
strategic took a seismic leap forward today with the news that the
company’s portfolio of 19 technology magazines have launched
on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets.

Google’s pioneering Google Play magazines service and
rival to Apple Newsstand went live in the USA in March 2012, y Microsoft Internet Explorer
from today it is available in the UK as an update on all Android
devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) y por encima.

Google Play Magazines can be browsed on a desktop PC, or via an
Android mobile app, with issues stored in the Cloud and
synchronised across multiple devices. Single issues of magazines or
bookazines can be purchased easily, and new subscribers get a free
14-day or 30-day trial which can be cancelled at any time.

The Imagine portfolio is particularly suited to mobile devices
and it includes popular worldwide magazine brands such as iCreate,
How It Works, games™, Retro Gamer, Photoshop® Creative,
Digital Photographer, Android Magazine and SciFiNow. Soon to follow
on Google Play will be Imagine’s globally successful
bookazine range.

Imagine’s stable of titles cover a wide range of
technology topics that are now for the first time available direct
from Google Play Magazines, and readers can also browse the
complete Imagine inventory on the digital editions portal Today’s announcement
represents yet another leap forward for Imagine’s
internationalisation and digitisation strategy.

“Google Play Magazines is the most exciting thing to
happen to digital publishing since the launch of Apple’s
Newsstand last year,” said Group Managing Director Damian
Butt. “For the first time, Imagine Publishing’s
magazines and bookazines are available to purchase worldwide 24/7
on every updated Android smartphone and tablet – that’s
hundreds of millions of new potential readers of Imagine’s
high quality content.”

Imagine’s Group Creative Director Mark Kendrick said:
“Imagine has always been keen to push the envelope of digital
publicación, so we are really excited with today’s
announcement of our partnership with Google. Imagine magazines will
look better and read better than ever on Google Play as all our
titles will be displayed in beautiful high resolution. And with the
Magazine app’s built in Text View option, Imagine magazines
and bookazines have never been more accessible to a massively
growing worldwide readership. It’s a truly ground-breaking
opportunity, and one that Imagine intends to build on,"
Kendrick added.

Imagine Publishing is one of the UK’s fastest-growing
multimedia content publishers. Formed in May 2005, it now publishes
19 regular print magazines, 50 digital apps, encima 240 bookazines,
29 websites and thousands of articles every month in the
tecnología, videogames, photography and knowledge/science markets.
An Imagine magazine is purchased every ten seconds.

Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc


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