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31 Dicembre 12 3 LG Nexus 4 Features You May Not Know


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Below are the three features that you may not know your LG Nexus 4 avere.

  1. Google+ storagePhotos can take a lot of storage space in your precious LG Nexus 4 with very limited internal storage. Tuttavia, you can upload the photos you took in your Google+ account. This is also a good feature in the event that you lose your LG Nexus 4.
  2. PhotoSphereThe PhotoSphere is the update that Jelly Bean 4.2 brings with it 360 degree photos. LG Nexus 4 already enabled users to take panoramic photos. Tuttavia, PhotoSphere takes this a step further and you can take photos of what is above and below you making sure you do not miss anything.
  3. Gesture typingThis is another feature unique to Jelly Bean 4.2 update and it brings a new keyboard in the style of the Swype keyboard. This feature allows you slide over the keyboard when typing the words. If you want to enable it, just go into settings and then choose Enable Gesture Typing on your LG Nexus 4.

D'altra, some reports said that search engine giant Google is already working on the successor of the popular LG Nexus 4.

Google has been releasing Nexus smartphones and tablets over the years. Since it was launched, the Nexus line has included handsets from HTC, Samsung, e LG. Tuttavia, it seems Google may be using the recently-acquired Motorola for its next phone.

Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources that a new device is on its way from Google-owned Motorola. These people say Motorola engineers are hard at work on asophisticatedhandset codenamedX phone.’ Tuttavia, it is still unsure whether the device will be a Nexus-brand phone.

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