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04 Nov 11 Google Chrome set to overtake rival Firefox in terms of usage

NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) — Web browser Google Chrome continues to expand its market share and is, for the first time, close to overtaking Mozilla’s Firefox, according to new figures released on Thursday. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, meanwhile, continues to lose users.

Updated figures released by StatCounter, which analyzes web traffic, show that Chrome’s global market share increased to 25.08 percent at the start of November, a significant increase from the 13.35 percent it had in November 2010.

Firefox, which was the biggest rival of Internet Explorer until Chrome launched in September 2008, saw its market share drop from 31.17 percent in November 2010 to 26.08 percent this month, only one percent more than Chrome.

Although Internet Explorer remains the browser with the most users, both Firefox and Chrome have caused Internet Explorer’s market share to plummet from 68.57 percent in July 2008 to 40.6 percent this month. The browser is included as part of Microsoft Windows, which may explain why it remains a key player.

If the current trend continues, Chrome is likely to surpass Firefox within weeks and become the second most popular browser in terms of usage. The fourth most used browser is Safari with a market share of 5.93 percent, followed by Opera’s 1.81 percent.

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