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28 Dec 12 Google Play Scan-and-Match Feature Censoring Explicit Lyrics

Google’s recently launched scan-and-match feature for Google Play has drawn early criticism from users who say the tool is weeding out explicit lyrics.

The new Google Play Music Manager feature, which scans your online music library and stores Google Play licensed versions of as many as 20,000 of your songs in the cloud, reportedly is giving Android device users less naughty renditions — and vice versa.

Google Play, however, offers a “Fix Incorrect Match” option that overrides the initial match.

Rival cloud storage services — iTunes Match and Amazon Cloud Player — previously have received complaints about storing incorrect versions of songs, too. Google rolled out the scan-and-match feature in the U.S. on Dec. 18. It had already been available in Europe.

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19 Dec 12 Scan and Match Rolls Out to Google Play in US

The scan-and-match technology Google rolled out to Google Play last month in Europe is now available in the U.S.

The option saves you from having to upload all your music song by song; Google will scan your music library and add matching songs online via the cloud.

“Add up to 20,000 songs from your music collection to Google Play and stream it to your Android devices and your computer, anywhere you go,” the Google Play team said in a post to Google+.

The move “gets your songs into your online music library on Google Play much faster,” Google said. Music will be streamed at up to 320 kbps.

Amazon and Apple have similar services, but both cost $25. Scan and match was added to Amazon Cloud Player in July, while iTunes Match went live in Nov. 2011.

Google Music launched just over a year ago, and it lets users store songs in the cloud for free and buy tracks directly from Google Play. Users can store and stream up to 20,000 songs in the Google cloud for free, and buy other songs from Google Play.

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17 Jun 12 Kindle iOS, Android Apps Get Support for Comics, Children’s Books

Amazon on Thursday released updates for its Kindle for iOS and Android apps, as well as its Cloud Reader, adding support for children’s books, comics, and graphic novels.

More than 1,000 children’s and comic book titles are now available on the Kindle Fire, Kindle for Android, Kindle for iPad, and Kindle Cloud Reader, Amazon said. Children’s titles Brown Bear and Curious George are available, along with comics such as Batman and Superman.

The new additions will feature a “beautiful layout and full color,” Amazon said. Supported children’s books, for example, utilize the Kindle Text Pop-Up feature to magnify text for easy reading on any size screen. Supported comics and graphic novels are presented in Kindle Panel View, “showcasing the artwork in a panel by panel experience that reads as the author intended,” Amazon said.

Kindle App comics

The latest version of Kindle for iOS also helps users locate content quicker by searching the library for a specific title or author. With the update, iPad users will also enjoy an improved reading experience with smaller margins, and a “cleaner” look, Amazon said. In addition, the update fixes an issue that prevented users from being able to look up words on Google and Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, the updates for Kindle for Android tablets and Cloud Reader allow users to see two pages side-by-side in landscape mode. Android tablet users can also customize their reading experience with new margin and line spacing controls. The Android update fixed an issue that caused some users to have to re-register when returning to the app.

The update comes several days after Amazon released a version of its Cloud Player for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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