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12 Feb 12 Chrome for android: Is it as good as it sounds?

Chrome for android: Is it as good as it sounds?

Remember the time when Firefox used to rule the roost? Yeah, the naive, good-old days. Along came Google’s bastion Chrome, born out of the open-source ambitious Chromium project that sought to make the web better by making it simpler.. Every time we talked about mobile web browsers, the question of why Chrome wasn’t on Android stuck out like a sore thumb, demanding immediate attention. Lo and behold people, the wait is finally over. Google released a beta version of the distinguished browser for their mobile platform last week, to much aplomb.

With quite a few new tricks up its sleeve, Chrome brings most of its signature feature-set to the portable world. There’s the omnibox (the unified address cum search bar), true tabbed browsing, Autofill and Autocomplete baked in and Incognito browsing, all delivered to you at the precipitous rate you’ve come to expect.

Advanced aspects like multiprocess browsing (allowing you to sign in with different credentials on different tabs, with tab sandboxing that isolates each tab process as a cushion against crashes), full Chrome Sync support (which can even sync your entire session between the mobile and desktop version, in real-time) and tab scrolling (intuitive flick-based tab views at a glance, akin to a deck of cards) also cement their way into the app, implanting it with tremendous potential.

There’s still much to be desired, though. The confirmed lack of Flash support (forever) may not affect many, but is still odd, and let’s just say that with the Chrome Web Store doing as well as it is, we’d love to see extensibility implemented here. Never mind the fact that the release only works on Ice Cream Sandwich gadgets right now. If you own an ICS-enabled device, though, you can get it right now on the Android Marketplace.

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