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28 Dec 12 HeroCraft’s Ant Raid “Colonises” Google Play, Features Cute Little Army Ants!

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I think I found my new favorite game. Recently launched onto Google Play, the game is called Ant Raid. It pits a colony of cute little ants (who have awesome little catchphrases), against mutated bugs and creatures in your garden. It gives off a Starcraft and older Warcraft type feel, because you use your fingers to select how many troops you will send to defeat each oncoming enemy. 

It’s priced reasonably at $0.99, but only for a short time. If you’re into endless waves of mutated slugs trying to get at your makeshift watermelon home, then you better hustle up and get it.

Play Link ($0.99)


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26 Dec 12 Ant Raid Now Live At Google Play

Popular mobile game developer Herocraft has just released Ant Raid for the Android platform which you can now download over at Google Play for $0.99.  This title became one of the biggest strategy games when it was released over at the iOS platform. Now, Android users can experience this amazing title in their devices.

ant raid

Ant Raid puts you in control of an ant colony. You will be tasked to advance the colony while dealing with the various predators that threaten your existence. The game is a combination of both tower defense and arcade twitch. One thing that makes this at par with all of the other excellent mobile titles is that it has a story involved which you will get to see at the beginning. The characters are adorable while the graphics are just so wonderfully created.

There are various objectives that you have to accomplish for each game level depending on the scenario. This in my opinion is one way to make it more fun and entertaining, we don’t want any repetitive boring tasks right?

Defeating an enemy entails you to grab some ants and sending them to your enemy. The bigger your enemy the more ants you have to send their way. Some of the enemies include snails which knock down your ants as soon as they’re done and worms which are good at shaking your troops.

You will also have to understand the color of your enemies. Enemies that are blue in color usually have very high defensive skills which will take them longer to kill. Red enemies are very aggressive and can move quickly. The good thing about this is that if you defeat your enemies your ants get to absorb their abilities.

The story mode takes up to 60 levels to finish. Once you have finished those levels you can unlock 40 challenge levels that has 4 levels of difficulty.

Once you have finished the standard game mode there’s the endless mode where you can challenge up to four friends.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting strategy game to play on your Android device then don’t miss out on this title.

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