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15 Apr 12 Introducing: The Android Police Week In Review – The Biggest Android Stories …

We know you don’t always have time to read up on the latest Android stories every day – we can barely keep up ourselves at times. So, deep in the bowels of the Android Police test labs, we came up with a solution: bringing you all of the last week’s important news in one convenient location. We call it the Android Police Week In Review – and you can also catch most of the news contained here in our weekly podcast (check it out, here).

You’ll notice that this week’s “week” in review stretches back a bit further than a week, and that’s basically because it’s our first one. Future editions will cover seven days. Also, don’t take any of the blurbs about stories too seriously – it’s all in good fun. And feel free to give us feedback on how we can make this feature better.

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