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31 May 12 Samsung Galaxy S3 S Voice App Starts Working On Other Androids Again

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Voice(Photo: Samsung | Mobile Apps)

The most innovative feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 – S Voice – was hacked and ported to other Android smartphones last week. However, the joy was short lived as Samsung quickly figured it out and restricted the device access to servers required for functioning of the app. Surprisingly, however, the leaked S Voice app is functional again on Android smartphones other than Galaxy S3, if the latest reports are to be believed.

According to The Verge, the leaked S Voice app has started working again on ICS powered non-Samsung smartphone without any change in the code. Samsung’s voice assistant S Voice has been released on the company’s new flagship smartphone. It was hacked and distributed to the public around the same time. S Voice is an updated version of the voice assistant found in Galaxy S2. The app is widely popular due to its Siri-like functionality. S Voice can virtually do anything that Apple Siri does. You can place a call, text a friend, check weather, organize meetings, open apps and even shoot pictures on voice guidance.

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Earlier, it took less than a day for Samsung to shut down the unauthorized access to the app. However, it appears that Samsung has opened the gates to the servers and the leaked S Voice apk app is again working on other Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Folks at Android Community also confirmed the functioning of the app on Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Sensation.

You can download the S Voice app in .apk file format from XDA Developer forums. However, to install it, you will need to enable application installations from non-market sources. Go to Settings – Security – Device Administration and check the “unknown sources” option on any Android 4.0 ICS powered smartphone.

In case, you have already installed the app and it is not working, it is recommended to re-install the app again.

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29 May 12 Galaxy S III S-Voice app now available for all Androids

The personal assistant for Android known as Samsung S-Voice has been released on the Galaxy S III smartphone and has been hacked and distributed to the public at the same time. This application works much in the same way as the Galaxy S II voice assistant did when it was released last year and is now being called an Apple Siri-rival due to the relative popularity of that system. Here you’ll be able to download the application and install it on any Android device capable of running it.

This application has been ripped from the Galaxy S III and is not currently made by Samsung to be working on devices outside of that smartphone. Therefor what you get is what you pay for, and no guarantees are made that this application will work for you at all. To see how this application works when it’s working how it’s supposed to work, head to our Samsung Galaxy S III full review and/or check out the full video review of the device (including S-Voice) here:

This application can be [downloaded from XDA developers forums] where the user known as WANAM has gratefully provided the world with a fully flash-ready package. If you have never installed a non-market application, nows as good a time to start as any, but again we make not guarantees that it will work or that the download is safe in the end. This application also goes by the name Voice Talk and will need 100Mo partitioned before it can be installed. Have a peek below at our Galaxy S III timeline to get all your most recent necessities and bits!

[via Android Community]

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