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10 Feb 12 Chrome Comes to Android; RIM Courts Developers; Symantec Code Released

Google’s release of Chrome for Android was the big news of the tech world on Tuesday. The Web giant brought its browser to mobile devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s available as a free download in the Android Market.

While Android, Apple, and Facebook get the most love from app developers, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) wants app makers to invest in its platform as well, the company’s new CEO Thorsten Heins said this week at BlackBerry DevCon Europe. Thirteen percent of BlackBerry developers make more than $100,000 from BlackBerry App World, which he said is more than earnings from “any iPhone or Android app.”

Those looking for a job in today’s economy might just want to consider getting into the app field, a new study from TechNet indicates. There are currently about 466,000 app-related jobs in the U.S., up from zero in 2007, when the iPhone was introduced.

Meanwhile, security was also top of mind on Tuesday, as Symantec confirmed that its pcAnywhere source code was published to The Pirate Bay and possibly other channels. Also, the hacker collective known as Anonymous reportedly released emails from the office of Syrian President Bashar Assad that focus on preparation for his recent interview with Barbara Walters. And, London’s Metropolitan Police Service apologized to victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, acknowledging it could have done more to inform those whose voicemails were intercepted.

Also making headlines on Tuesday:

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29 Dec 11 No SOPA For Chrome Informs You If A Company Supports SOPA

SOPA, the Stop Online Privacy Act, has been covered before here on Ghacks. The bill is a blatant attempt to give law enforcement agencies and copyright holders more abilities under U.S. law to fight counterfeit goods and copyright infringements. Many arguments have been brought forth against this, from threatening online freedom of speech and web-related businesses to lack of enforcement transparency (see Wikipedia for a detailed list of arguments)

In short SOPA is bad for the Internet and its users, and good for copyright holders.

Companies who support SOPA are already facing a backlash from Internet communities who have started to boycott the companies and their services (see for instance Goddady Tries To Recover After SOPA PR Nightmare).

No SOPA is a Chrome extension that aids Internet users in boycotting SOPA supporting companies and websites. The extension acts as a detector that informs Chrome users if the website they are currently on is supported SOPA.

A notification is displayed on top of the page if that is the case.

sopa supporter

The website is still functional and the next step of action is entirely up to the individual user. Some users might close the website right away, others may want to contact the company expressing their disapproval while others may still do business with a company that’s supporting SOPA.

No SOPA uses a database of known SOPA supporters that is updated by the developers regularly. This is necessary as companies may decided to withdraw their support or start supporting SOPA.

Popular companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer or the NBA are supporting the bill, while an equally elusive list including Google, Mozilla, Yahoo or AOL are opposing the bill.

Google Chrome users can download and install No SOPA from the official Google Chrome web store.

In addition; Chrome users can install SOPA Lens, an extension to visualize the effect that SOPA can have on today’s Internet. The extension lets you flag websites that you think are infringing copyright, and displays information if a website has been flagged by a user of the extension, and how many users in total have flagged it.

Flag any sites that could threaten “your” corporation with a single click. Under SOPA, it may be this easy to file a complaint with the Attorney General that requires the government to send takedown notices to ISPs, search engines, and any other sites affiliated with the offender.

is also available at the Chrome Web Store.

Update: Companies like Apple or Microsoft may not be supporting SOPA after all. Check the comments for more information.

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Responses so far:

  1. “Popular companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer or the NBA are supporting the bill,…”

    That should be updated as Microsoft has been opposing it for a while now, since the 23rd/25th of November if I recall correctly. Same goes for Apple. Or have I been misinformed¿

  2. Damirora is right. Microsoft and Apple are not supporting it. They may be supporting the other bill, PROTECT-IP, but I am not sure.

    Here is the official list of SOPA supporters, and they are not on it:

    • I have updated the article accordingly. The Chrome extension is however still listing Microsoft and Apple as supporters.

  3. Agreed with the above two persons.

    Personally, I can believe easily if someone said Apple supports SOPA. If they can use patents to delay W3C standards, then not a surprise if they do anything.

    But if the case if for Microsoft supporting SOPA, then I need very reputable citation for it. Microsoft is the best software company for now.

  4. SOPA, should Congress be foolish enough to pass, will destroy the Internet, such as it is and the politicians will be committing political suicide!!

    There will be such a backlash, it will make the riots in Europe seem like a walk in the (safe) park!

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