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20 Feb 12 I’m Now Firefox, Not Chrome

I’m Now Firefox, Not Chrome

, Sun, Feb 19, 2012

The battle of the browsers. It’s on-going. I’ve been a user of Google Chrome since it was released to the public.

Yes, yes – it was a slow start for Chrome, the hype was too much, many left to join the ever-so loved Firefox. I stuck with Chrome to see what I could make of it. I loved it, and as a result – stuck with it.

Chrome is sleek and beautifully simple.

Well, it was. I’m now using Firefox. Since Chrome was released, Mozilla have gone wild, as in — crazy wild with the updating of Firefox. It’s working for them which is great.

I’ve had to quit Chrome.

I really wish I didn’t have to, but I did. The amount of times I would have to exit, re-open in a working day was unbelievable. At least 5 times. I’ve been doing the exact same routine with Firefox and there isn’t one problem. Firefox may not be the pretty little beauty that Chrome is. But Firefox works for me.

Obviously, people have their own preference – like with a smartphone — iPhone/Android/BlackBerry.

It’s however in this case all about Firefox or Chrome.

A month from now I’ll be using Chrome, no doubt. I’m a bit of a wierdo when it’s down to using different ‘stuff’ on my laptop.

Let me know what you use below.

Cameron started blogging early 2010, late to the tech scene as that maybe he’s made a big impact already having been invited to BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1′s Breakfast to discuss technology and the big gadgets of 2010. Not only is Cameron a blogger/writer he also has a radio show on Sine FM in Doncaster. Cameron loves music, radio and technology.



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