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10 Nov 11 Google pushing Chrome OS for PCs; vendors give it the cold shoulder

Aaron Lee, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Thursday 10 November 2011]

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, at speech in Taiwan on November 9, promoted Chrome OS in high-profile for the PC market, but PC players are rather pessimistic about the idea and believe if Google wants to cut into the PC market, the company will need to provide more resources and support.

During his speech, Schmidt mentioned several times about Chrome OS’ advantages such as fast boot up, no virus issues and free of charge, and prompted PC players to give Chrome OS a try.

However, due to demand for Chrome OS-based devices (Chromebooks) being lower than expected, PC players are taking a passive attitude toward opening projects. In June 2011, Acer and Samsung launched their Chromebooks ahead of other PC brand vendors, but by the end of July, Acer had reportedly only sold 5,000 units and Samsung was said to have had even lower sales than Acer, according to sources from the PC industry. However, Acer has declined to comment.

Analyzing Chromebooks’ difficult situation, the sources pointed out that although Google is mainly pushing Chromebooks in the enterprise market, its Google Docs applications cannot meet the needs the enterprise users.

Meanwhile, since Chromebooks’ major advantage is their cloud computing capability allowing users to use online document processing tools, if users are at a location without Internet connection or have poor connection quality, the advantage becomes a disadvantage of the device, noted the sources, adding that cloud computing is the trend of the future, but Chromebook is currently still too idealized.

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