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23 Jan 12 Chrome Ferrari 458 Challenge Spotted Racing

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Last year, we showed you a Ferrari 458 chrome wrap job, with the development only turning a part of the supercar into a mirror. Now we’re back to finish the job and give you a full chrome wrap for the Italian temptress.

This time, the starting point was the racing version of the car, the 458 Challenge. This means that the all-shiny vehicle brings the sun to the racetrack! The car was caught on camera while being put through its paces during the Cavallino Classic track days that took place on the Palm Beach International Raceway over the weekend.

The vehicle belongs to Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale and was originally dressed in black. The company obviously chose this color scheme in marketing purposes, with the vehicle now being offered for sale.

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23 Jan 12 Chrome Ferrari 458 Challenge hits the racetrack

We have seen some of the world’s top cars wrapped in chrome before. The Audi R8 V10 and McLaren MP4-12C are two such models that come to mind. However it is highly unusual to see such a shiny model on the racetrack. This Ferrari 458 Challenge has challenged the norm.

It was photographed at the Palm Beach International Raceway during the Cavallino Classic track days that are occurring this weekend.

The model in question is owned by Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale. They took a black 458 Challenge that was racing in the series last year and converted it primarily for promotional purposes. Should you wish to get your hands on this exclusive model, it is reportedly available for sale.


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