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29 Feb 12 Eric Schmidt hails Chrome’s safety, shares Android’s future plans

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt had plenty to discuss during his keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, sharing his vision of the future for mobile and Internet technology. Some topics included human rights and how technology is shaping our future, hinting at various Google-related products all the while. But the keynote kicked off with a demo of Google Chrome for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, showing off some key features. The new Chrome actually pre-loads web pages it anticipates you’ll open next, speeding up the browsing experience. Chrome for Android also launched in an additional 20 countries this week.

Chrome safety questioned

Schmidt hails Android as the best mobile OS on the market, with the best browser. “If you care about security, you should use Chrome, because it’s by far the safest,” he said, referring to the growing controversy over the security of the browser. The mobile browser concerns pertain to a vulnerability existing in WebKit, the software engine used by the Chrome and Safari web browsers. Security firm CrowdStrike was able to redirect the target smartphone’s browser during tests on Android-powered phones, tapping a remote access tool capable of intercepting voice calls, tracking the phone’s location and harvesting email and text messages.

On the bright side, any cyber-criminal looking to take advantage of the WebKit weak spot will first have to get a malware app into the Market, and further convince a smartphone user to download that app. It’s getting more difficult to peddle malware in the Android Market, especially since Google’s stepped-up protection methods and the rise in security services for Android devices.

Chrome + Android = web access for all

Google Chrome is an important piece of the Android puzzle, merging two platforms central to Google’s long term goals around search advertising and web services. During Schmidt’s keynote he shared his vision of mobility for developing countries, with smartphones replacing feature phones. Google Chrome could play a large part in providing web access through Android gadgets, with a web-device combo that Mozilla and Telefonica are also leveraging to bring more smartphones to developing countries.

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24 Nov 11 HTC Working On A Hybrid Chrome-Android Device

HTC Chromebook

The ChromeBooks were not as successful as the manufacturers expected, but some interesting rumors hit the web lately. It seems that HCT want to pre-load their tablets with Android’s Chrome OS, an operating system developed for tablets and netbooks.

HTC has big plans both on the smartphones and tablets market. Soon after Nvidia officially launched their Tegra 3 quad-core chipset, rumors indicated that the Taiwan-based company is working on two smartphones and a tablet powered by quad-core CPUs. Am a talking about HTC Edge and HTC Zeta, both powered by quad-core CPUs, and HTC Quattro, a tablet featuring a Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a Tegra 3 processor.

HTC is seriously thinking of developing a netbook/tablet running on a Chrome OS/Android hybrid. For the time being, the Chorome OS-powered HTC tablet is just a rumor, as the Taiwan-based company haven’t dismissed, nor confirmed the information, yet.

The ChromeBooks were not a market success, that’s why most of the manufacturers decided to cut off the prices lately. Despite the fact that Google Chrome OS is optimized for x86 and ARM processors and comes with fast boot up speeds, many of the laptop manufacturers are skeptical about it and avoid using it.. A few days ago Acer and Samsung cutoff their prices for their ChromeBooks. Thus, the 11.6-inch Acer AC700 ChromeBook can be yours for $349, while Samsung Series 5 has a price tag of $429..

Despite the fact that Acer and Samsung are struggling to come up with attractive prices for their ChromeBooks, sources say that the Chrome OS-powered devices should have a price around $199 in order to attract the customers. Anyway, it looks like HTC still believes in Chrome OS and after they helped Android to become the most popular mobile operating system in the world, now they are planning to combine the advantages of both Google’s operating systems, and build a tablet powered by a Chrome / Android hybrid.

Anyway no one knows yet how HTC’s new tablet looks like or its specs, but we don’t expect to see a traditional tablet. Sources close to the company claim that the Chrome OS-powered HTC tablet will be similar to the Asus’ Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

Who knows, maybe HTC will eventually manage to develop a ChromeBook that exploits all the advantages of Chrome OS and make Google’s operating system more popular.

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