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19 Nov 11 The Daily App: Chrome Sync Pro for iPhone

Chrome Sync Pro for iPhone 4S

This is one of the most useful apps we’ve seen in a long while.

If you use a Chrome browser on your desktop, and an iPhone when you’re not, Chrome Sync Pro is an app you absolutely need to have right this minute if you don’t already.

This app synchronizes your Chrome bookmarks, browsing history and even open tabs between your Mac or PC and your iPhone. While Firefox and Safari browsers have offered this synchronizing ability previously, Chrome Sync Pro does just as good a job if not better. After downloading and installing Chrome Sync Pro onto the iPhone, and then installing a Chrome extension for the desktop, all bookmarks, history and tabs were synchronized onto the iPhone within a matter of seconds.

After that, synchronization happens almost in real time, and automatically as long as you’re signed in to your app and browser.

As a browser, Google’s Chrome has become a favorite in these parts because of its conservative use of system memory on a PC and Mac. Chrome Sync Pro now makes it seamless to use our favorite browser on our platforms of choice.

The developer,, says it stores no data on its own servers, should privacy be a concern.

Chrome Sync Pro is available as a free download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

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