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18 Oct 11 Cut of the Day: Chrome Wings, "New Lands", New Lands (AMDISCS)

The press release that came along with the new LP by Portland duo Chrome Wings is nothing more than a picture of the album artwork and a series of random phrases (“The underwater arcade,” “High tones pulled upward and hit by the sun,” etc.) that seem to have either been pulled right out of the lyrics on the disc or sent out from the subconscious minds of members Jon Jurow and Shane McDonnell.

These bits of imagery and ideas are a fitting accompaniment to a collection of songs that seem detached from reality. The tracks sound like transmissions from deep space, with interference from cosmic debris, sunspots, and satellite feeds.

The title track of the new album New Lands (out on October 31st) comes off like a Suicide track if that famed NY band decided to just lighten up and get a little psychedelic. The bass is laid thickly in the background, while a guitar and a synth line dance over it. A voice appears from the murk and sinks back in to the distance over and over, but don’t make any recognizable sounds. It’s pop in the form of jagged, crystalline pieces of rock candy. So tasty, but damn it doesn’t cut you up inside.

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