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27 Dec 11 Chrome Zombie Posts Rehearsal Video Clips

Chrome Zombie Posts Rehearsal Video Clips

California’s Chrome Zombie has posted rehearsal video clips online, which can be viewed below, and the band also commented:

“Since April 2011, Doom/Grindcore trio Chrome Zombie has had its misadventures of fights, break-ups, and are still trying to learn how to cooperate with each others ego to create the music they desire. Founded by members Eric DeSouza(Guitar) Chris Ambrose(Bass) and John Paul Robertson(Drums), they say ‘FuckYou!’ to the rest of the world.

“Having played shows at the Red Hat in Concord, California, they have also had positive and negative feedback from people about their demo tapes, as Chris Reifert of Autopsy admires the bands overall sound, other listeners may disregard the bands music as music with low sound quality and terrible production, in the end, they just play their music.

“Chrome Zombie is indeed a fucking true live band with solid dysfunctional riffs and imperfect drum sound that creates something even more pure than death. Chrome Zombie proves that you don’t need an audience to convey your sound, if the individual is satisfied, thats all that matters, and hails to those who appreciate self-production of ones own tape-recorded songs. If recordings aren’t enough to brothle you, here’s some of their video links to prove the fucking point.”

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