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13 Jan 12 Samsung to revive Series 5 Chromebook: to unveil Chromebox

Chromebooks haven’t attracted many geeks. It is not clear how many units of the Google Chrome OS-based Chromebooks have so far been sold out. However, Samsung is to revive its Series 5 Chromebook this year with enhanced hardware. The Korean tech giant is also set to roll out a Chromebox Desktop, a Mac mini-like personal computer with Chrome OS in the second quarter.

Samsung put its Chromebox on display at CES 2012. Google might be in efforts to bring its Chrome OS into the fore with the new Samsung products. Whatever it may be, here we get through the available specs and features of the new Chromebook and Chromebox.

Revamped Chromebook
Google introduced the Samsung Chromebook notebook mid last year. The new version of the notebook will keep up the former’s 12.1-inch 300-nit display. But under the hood, Samsung will replace the Atom with Celeron dual-core CPU. It will still have a 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. As well, Samsung will price the notebook at the same $399 for the WiFi-only version and $449 for the 3G model. The same Chrome OS will run the Chromebook. Google has not brought out any update for its desktop OS since its release.

“Starting with the Chromebook, it trades its slick cover for something muted, with more discreet logo placement, though that matte, 12.1-inch, 300-nit display has made reappearance,” writes Dana Wollman of Engadget.

Samsung Chromebox
Samsung is also to realize the Chromebox, which Google teased in last spring in its Google I/O keynote. It is a desktop version of the company’s web-centric OS, Chrome OS. Dubbed Samsung Series 3, the Chromebox is just a Mac mini-like desktop computer. The device is pretty smaller as it needs no hard disk drive or other sophisticated components as it is in a Windows or Mac computer. That is why, the Chromebox is smaller than most of the “ultra-small” Windows desktops. Once connected with a monitor, keyboard, mouse and, certainly internet, the Chromebox will be a full-fledged desktop computer.

However, it is not certain consumers will go for the Chromebox over Mac mini and other desktop PCs. Dana Wollman is also confused of this; see what he comments, “To be honest, it’s difficult to imagine consumers choosing this over a Mac mini or HTPC, though Samsung makes a shrewd point when it says this might find a home in K-12 computer labs, where the cost per student would be low and the systems would consume little space.”

Chromebox tech specs
Samsung has not exposed complete tech specs of the Chromebox. As it is revealed, the desktop version of Chrome OS features one power button, a set of USB ports, a headphone jack, a DVI port, Ethernet port, a power jack and two Display Link ports and others. The DL port will help provide output to two monitors at a time. As reported by Engadget, the Chromebox will also be powered by a dual-core Celeron CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

Chromebooks failed as consumers nearly discarded the idea of storing entire computer data on cloud. Chrome OS works completely based on web. On a Chromebook, you edit and save docs, store files, play games, listen to music and save images on various web services, especially the ones from Google itself. Google’s cloud servers are used to store these contents. Of course, most computer users will not tolerate the idea, because they are awful of the security concerns involved in storing their valuable data on someone else’s server.

However, there is a huge future for Chrome OS-based products in many industries. Customers, who largely depend on web for everything and have impeccable network connectivity, should use the Chrome OS-based computers. Unlike Windows or Mac computers, Chromebooks boot quickly and are lightweight products as they don’t sport hard drives, optical drives and many other complicated components.

Anyway, Samsung is too optimistic of the Chrome OS computers. That is why the technology major has decided to come up with an upgrade to Chromebook and launch a new Chromebox this year. Of course, the devices may get lots more customers, especially when cloud computing is gaining traction day to day.


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