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27 May 12 GameStop touts Android tablets at 1600 stores

It seems as though GameStop’s bold move to begin offering Android tablets alongside its traditional packed shelves of traditional console and handheld video games may be working out in its favor. The retailer has gone from a bunch of test stores to now selling Android devices in no fewer than 1,600 locations. Among the tablets that the #1 US games retailer sells are those from Acer, Asus, Samsung, and Toshiba.

To tailor the offerings to its gamer constituency, GameStop pre-loads each Android tablet it sells with the Sonic CD and Riptide downloadable games, as well as the Kongregate Arcade app. Kongregate is a cloud-based game service that GameStop acquires in its effort to expand its horizons beyond the traditional gaming model. GameStop has also begun selling iPads and iPod Touch devices throughout the country.

It’s part of the retailer’s growing realization that the gaming industry is changing, and in order for it to remain profitable it has to adapt its business model as well. For example, the retailer sells downloadable content (DLC) in stores, even though gamers can just as easily purchase the content directly through their console. But this allows consumers to use cash, trade-in credit, or gift cards as opposed to a credit card, giving GameStop a unique position in the digital content market.

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12 Dec 11 Bastion DLC arriving this week

The critically acclaimed action role-playing game Bastion was a debut hit from developer Supergiant Games, initially released as part of this year’s Xbox Live Summer of Arcade before making it onto PCs and Google’s Chrome Web Store earlier this year.

Now, as a show of thanks to Bastion fans around the world, Supergiant Games
has announced a soon-to-be-released DLC pack for the game, which will add a fully narrated sequence and two gameplay modes to the experience.

Titled Stranger’s Dream, the DLC pack will arrive on December 14 at no charge for PC users. However, the game will cost 80 Microsoft Points ($1) for XBLA users. The developer stipulates in the announcement that it couldn’t make the game free due to Microsoft policy.

Supergiant Games’ Bastion is getting a special DLC pack.

Stranger’s Dream will include a new, fully narrated “Who Knows Where” sequence that will give players more insight into Rucks’s back-story, as well as the history of Caelondia. The developer says the sequence will be “bigger and more challenging” than others in the game.

The DLC pack will also add a “Score Attack” mode and a “No-Sweat” mode to the game: the former will unlock all spirits and idols in the game from the first level and will rate players’ efficiency in combat, with all areas becoming repeatable; the latter will provide players with unlimited chances to move forward from the point at which they were defeated in battle, suited for those who just want to experience the game’s story.

PC and XBLA versions of the game will also contain new leaderboards for the Stranger’s Dream and “Score Attack” mode. However, to access this mode, as well as the narrated sequence, players will need to have finished the original game at least once.

Stranger’s Dream will be available from December 14. Supergiant Games have clarified the Google Chrome version of the game will also be getting the DLC pack sometime “in the coming weeks”; the game will be automatically updated when the DLC becomes available.

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10 Dec 11 Bastion Getting Free DLC; Chrome Version Now Available

Bastion Stranger's Dream DLC

Bastion is among the best downloadable games of the year. If you haven’t already played it on Xbox Live Arcade or PC, or you just want to play it again, you can do so right in your browser, of all places.

Provided you use Google Chrome and your computer meets the system requirements (1.7GHz dual core processor, 2GB RAM, 512MB graphics card) you’ll be able to grab the game from the Chrome Web Store and start playing it almost immediately. You’ll need to preload 40MB in files but are then free to play it just as if it were the PC version, complete with some additions (like No-Sweat mode) coming to other versions soon.

We’ve seen other games be made playable in a browser, but in many cases those games are streamed to your computer. This seems to look every bit as good as the regular PC version, complete with the 1080p artwork and killer soundtrack you’d get to enjoy by playing it in a more traditional fashion, and it seems to run perfectly.

A trial is available should you simply want to see the technology in action, or you can purchase the game for $14.99 and play it in its entirety. One caveat is it doesn’t support controllers at the moment, as the PC version does, so you’ll have no choice but to use a mouse-and-keyboard setup for the time being.

The aforementioned No-Sweat mode is among the new components of the Stranger’s Dream DLC that’s coming soon. Supergiant Games had said it didn’t plan to extend the game with DLC, but it has changed its mind and “decided to put a little something together for the holidays as a show of thanks to our fans.”

The DLC consists of a new Who Knows Where sequence that is “bigger and more challenging than the others.” It will only be accessible after you’ve completed the game once but will provide some backstory on Rucks and historical information on Caelondia.

There will also be two new ways to play the game. The first of these is No-Sweat mode, where you’re free to play through without having to worry about running out of lives. (This is already available in the Chrome version.) The other, Score Attack mode, requires you to have beat the game once before; in it you have all Spirits and Idols unlocked from the start and your performance in each level (which are now replayable) is rated. These scores can be shared on a new leaderboard in the XBLA and Steam version, as can your performance in the Stranger’s Dream Who Knows Where.

Owners of the game on Steam will receive the DLC free of charge as an automatic update. Those who own non-Steam PC versions should be getting it at some point (Supergiant is working with the various vendors to distribute it), and it’ll be out for the Chrome version “in the coming weeks.”

Due to Microsoft policies, Supergiant can’t offer the DLC for free on Xbox 360. So to minimize that unpleasantness, it’ll be released for the lowest price it can — 80 Microsoft Points ($1) — on December 14.

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