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26 Apr 12 Cloud Security Provider Dome9 Releases Google Chrome Application

Dome9 has launched its Instant Access app for Chrome browsersDome9 has launched its Instant Access app for Chrome browsers

Cloud security firewall provider Dome9 Security announced on Wednesday the availability of Dome9 Instant Access for Google Chrome, a new browser-based application that allows one-click secure access to any server and any cloud for Google Chrome users.

Dome9 security solution delivers a GUI-based firewall management service to secure an unlimited number of Windows and Linux servers in any virtual private, cloud, collocated, and hosted environment, according to the press release. It appears to be the only app in the Google Chrome store of its type, as the other cloud security apps sync data, manage cloud passwords, and e-signatures.

This announcement comes a month after Dome9 launched its free cloud security service Dome9 Lite Cloud. Dome9 Instant Access is included for the first 30-days in the Dome9 Lite Cloud.

Both of Dome9′s recent steps in offering free tools for developers and administrators to protect public and private cloud, as well as dedicated and virtual private servers, seem to signal a move towards offering more security solutions for end-users. Dome9 still offers a cloud security service for managed service providers like web hosts to offer to their clients, but lately it seems to have been targeting developers and administrators directly. Web hosts and data center providers can offer Dome9 security by joining the Dome9 partner program either in a reseller capacity, or through the MSP OEM segment that gives partners tier one volume licensing with full API support.

The new Dome9 Instant Access button can be integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser, and is a free app in the Google Chrome Web Store. On Tuesday, Google officially launched its Drive cloud storage service, and says the apps users purchase through the Chrome Web Store can be integrated easily into its Drive storage offering.

“Our new instant access app for Google Chrome makes it unbelievably easy to get secure access to any server, on-the-fly,” Zohar Alon, Dome9 co-founder and CEO said in a statement. “It installs in less than a minute, and incorporates our patent-pending Secure Access Lease technology with new auto-notifications and lease extensions.  This new functionality marries security and simplicity to make any server virtually invisible to hackers, yet accessible when, for whom, and only as long as is needed.”

Dome9 says that customers pair the Dome9 Chrome application with a Dome9 account using the API key available within their Dome9 account. Once they are paired, Dome9 Instant Access allows users to select the servers, services, and time period for default access.

Dome9 Instant Access is included in the Dome9 Business Cloud as well, according to the press release.

Talk back: Do you think more cloud providers will use the Chrome Web Store to deliver free apps to end-users? What do you think about this new product? Let us know in the comment section.

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