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18 Dec 11 Move over Internet Explorer: Irish company declares Google’s Chrome world’s …

Chrome 15 has been declared the most used internet browser in the world, having supplanted Internet Explorer at the top of the browser rankings.

According to stats from our own StatCounter, the world-renowned internet usage monitoring firm (which is based at an address in Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8), Chrome 15 is now used by 23.6% of internet users worldwide.

That places it marginally ahead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, which is used for 23.5% of browsing around the globe, meaning it has been knocked off the top browser ranking for the first time in more than a decade.

Internet Explorer remains the most used browser – as a significant number of users remain exposed to previous versions of the software, just over 40% of browsing is still carried out on one of the various IE platforms.

That compares with 26.3% for all versions of Chrome, with Firefox now third (25%) and Safari back in fourth at about 5.9%.

StatCounter compiles the data after monitoring 15 billion page-views around the world.

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