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15 May 12 Adding social context to sites with Chrome extension

monki Adding social context to sites with Chrome extension

Self described “social compass”

Just a month old, is a new Google Chrome browser app that helps you discover valuable connections when on a website, adding social context to your web experience without having to leave the site to learn who in your social circles are relevant on a given topic. The company calls itself the “social compass,” noting that they automatically extract information about the page you are visiting and guide you to the right people, all within your browser.

So if you visit a website about turquoise jewelry, the extension will show you not only who is talking about that website, allowing you to retweet or respond from the sidebar without leaving the site, it also searches for any term you request, never requiring you to flip from tab to tab to find deeper context to any site or topic. “The value proposition is simple convenience – no jumping from page to page, no searching one by one for relevant profiles and keywords – just the people you need, at your fingertips,” the company says.

See what people in your Twitter network are saying that relates to any page you visit, see topics being tweeted about in your network, and tweet directly from the sidebar about the site you’re visiting, complete with a shortened URL.

Currently, is in private beta and it appears that they allow users in in batches. The private beta currently supports Twitter and the company tells AGBeat that other browsers and social networks will be added to the available features. The company says they have had overwhelmingly positive reviews. “Our users tell us they love the ease of use, functionality and design of our social compass. The calm technology (that which informs but doesn’t demand our focus or attention) aspect is a big part of the positive user experience.”

android market download button Adding social context to sites with Chrome extension

Below is a user review of the extension, but note that it is a little outdated, as the extension is now available in the Google Marketplace and does not require a manual installation. This is helpful to get an overview of the extension’s features:

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