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08 Mar 12 'From Dust' headed to Google Chrome

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Ever since Google nabbed a version of “Angry Birds” for Chrome, it has become a home for a growing library of casual games. But hardcore gamers have yet to view the browser as a viable platform for themselves. That attitude might change with the re-release of “From Dust” next month.

It’s the latest from famed game creator Eric Chahi, best known for “Another World/Out of This World.”

“From Dust” is a god game with the most impressive visuals for a title of its kind to date:

The Ubisoft title was originally released for Xbox Live last summer, and eventually made its way to the PlayStation Network and PC via digital distribution as well. The Google Chrome version will sport HD visuals and a new control scheme.

No price has been shared yet. There’s the possibility that players may be able to give it a test run before putting money down, much like a similar XBLA to Chrome port from late year, “Bastion.”

If “From Dust” does well enough, it may encourage developers of more traditional offerings to take advantage of the platform, which in turn will attract their fan base to Chrome as another place to play games.

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