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26 Jan 12 EPA praises Clovis plating company

The company, which makes truck bumpers, said the changes have saved the family-owned firm thousands of dollars in waste treatment costs and hauling fees.

Blumenfeld, who is based in San Francisco, said reducing the use of toxic chemicals in this industry is a significant accomplishment. He said that over the past two years, nearly half of the enforcement actions in California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii were against metal finishing plants.

Hexavalent chromium can cause serious health effects, from irritation to the skin, nose, eyes and throat, to lung cancer in workers.

Also on Wednesday, Blumenfeld toured Fresno State’s Center for Irrigation Technology where campus officials talked about the university’s role in developing water technology.

The goal is to make Fresno County the hub for water-related and irrigation companies.

“We have investors and tech companies from Silicon Valley who are starting to look at what is going on down here,” said Helle Peterson, who heads business development for Fresno State’s Water, Energy Technology Center.

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