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30 Oct 11 Firefox Available With Bing as Default Search

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Internet Explorer is number one and still leads both Firefox and Chrome by more than 10 percentage points. StatCounter has IE in first with 42% of worldwide browser usage, Firefox in second with 28% and Chrome in third with 23%. But since the beginning of the year, Firefox’s numbers have been steadily dropping at almost the same rate as Chrome’s have been rising.

There’s no way to know if Firefox users are definitely trading up for Chrome, but when combined with the number of users IE is losing it equals almost the same number as Chrome has been gaining, Computer World said.

That makes Google an official competitor to Firefox, so the Bing team-up makes more sense from that standpoint. Bing is the default search on Blackberry devices, Windows Phones and Microsofts’s IE yet has been a money-losing proposition ever since it was introduced in July 2009. But even if you’ve never used Bing, it’s not like Mozilla is replacing Google with Bing in the official version of Firefox. It’s just that Firefox with Bing is only one of Mozilla’s partnerships that tailor Firefox to specific types of users. Firefox has other special versions for Yahoo and Twitter, for example.

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