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11 May 12 Emerges on Eve of Facebook’s IPO

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Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) May 11, 2012

“Location, Location, Location” – Silicon Valley based SOCIAL DASHBOARD owns Boardwalk and Park Place with hotels on each. The long anticipated launch of is finally within sight. SOCIAL DASHBOARD is a social media desktop browser developed as a hybrid of Chrome, Explorer and Firefox with built-in navigational structure to aggregate content from Facebook, Google, Gmail, YouTube, Ebay, Craigslist, CNN, Match, SKYPE, etc. Acting in such a manner is fully compliant with “terms of use” by mega sites like Facebook.

Originally set to launch August 2010, SOCIAL DASHBOARD’s Founder was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and Stanford doctors gave him a week to live. They said if he lived he would never talk or work again. Against all odds the shy but resilient 40 year old Founder and SOCIAL DASHBOARD is back with a vengeance after enduring 2 years of chemotherapy, radiation and a full laryngectomy.

SOCIAL DASHBOARD replaces tabs with a turntable that accelerates functionality and increases stability. “Tabs” were the big thing a few years ago, but SOCIAL DASHBOARD powerful magic is its simplicity. With a social network interface more user-friendly than FACEBOOK and browser functions simpler than Chrome, SD’s launch is very exciting.

SOCIAL DASHBOARD’s top priority is user experience. SD eliminates the need to search for “who’s online,” classifieds and other resources because it’s all built into smart menus. One example of how SD eliminates confusing navigation of many websites into one user defined look-and-feel is three categories of live chat – friends, business and personals. In other words, it combines FACEBOOK, LinkedIn and Similar functionality is applied to shopping searches grabbing content from Craigslist, Ebay, and so on. SD’s “RESOURCES” menu includes documents, photos, movies, shows and videos, a blog library, news content aggregation, etc.

“I was selected to test SD’s UI and was astounded by its logical simplistic approach. Technology CEO’s like myself and analysts simply overlooked the loophole, and I wish I would have thought of it. I believe SD is going to be the next best company in Silicon Valley and on the web. I guarantee every computer we have and millions of users will switch to SD. If my company could afford to buy SD before its launch, it is a no-brainer.” – CEO of [company name redacted]

SOCIAL DASHBOARD is the first web-based desktop-browser that dynamically and intelligently learns and makes suggestions to improve user experience. The more it is used the better the experience. It becomes an extension of the user. SD’s interface transfers its entire content and functionality between devices (ie. pc, laptop, pad or phone) so multiple devices act as a one big multi-screen.

SOCIAL DASHBOARD has investors’ attention. The most logical play is to do a deal directly with Facebook, Google or Apple. One thing is for sure, whoever owns will have the advantage because unlike Monopoly, everyone will land on SOCIAL DASHBOARD.

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