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26 Dec 12 Final Fantasy Dimensions Now Live At Google Play

One of the most loved RPG titles in the world is the Final Fantasy franchise. Its engrossing storyline, lovable characters and unique gameplay combine to bring everyone a memorable gaming experience. Fans of this series will be able to enjoy playing this game on their Android device now that Final Fantasy Dimensions has been released. The game can now be downloaded over at Google Play for $20.

final fantasy dimension

Most people might say that the price is a bit too steep compared to the average selling price of most games at Google Play however it’s definitely worth it. It has a compelling storyline with graphics that is both retro and modern looking. The characters are great and the menu system is easy to understand. It’s definitely going to bring you countless hours of fun.

This old school game was first available over at the iOS platform last August but now is available for Android. If you have played RPG games on the SNES then you will be familiar with the style that this title brings. It is actually a port of a game which was released for mobile devices only in Japan called Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi.

Final Fantasy Dimensions centers on two warrior groups, one focused on light while the other focused on darkness. You will be able to control both groups depending on the phase you are in the game. Just like most games in this genre it follows a turn-based combat system.

You will be able to interact with various non-playable characters, acquire items and defeat enemies. Characters have the ability to increase their levels and also change their job types which makes them gain additional skills.

One thing that bugged me though is the random battles that occur when you are exploring the game. While this might be good for leveling up your character it’s a pain when your character is in a hurry.

As far as the control system goes you are presented with three different configurations. All of these make use of a virtual D-Pad though.

If you are a fan of the final Fantasy series then don’t miss out on this epic title.

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17 Dec 12 Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade now available on Google Play

Final Fantasy

For those who are looking for a unique new Android gaming experience with familiar characters, Square Enix’s recently released Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade might be just the right choice. If you are used to the full on Final Fantasy experience, this might not be to your liking, but if you’re new to the social gaming platform and the types of games it includes, you will probably enjoy this game.

In Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, you are working with others. Each player has their own ship, and you can form brigades with other players. Teams can take on bosses and get valuable gear to level up. Work to collect cards featuring Final Fantasy characters, join with your friends to defeat the boss, explore quest areas, and enjoy regular events. Like many other social multiplayer games for Android, this game uses the Mobage social gaming platform.  It is available for free from Google Play.

Currently the English translated version of this game is only available on North America. It’s hard to say when and if it will be available anywhere else.

Have you tried Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade? What do you think?

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10 Dec 11 Google’s Chrome Will Run Console Games! Wait, What?

Don’t look for id Software’s Rage or Bethesda’s Skyrim in your browser anytime soon, but it sounds like Google has big time gaming plans for its Chrome platform—plans that already involve running stuff like Xbox Live Arcade game Bastion in Chrome directly.

Google demoed Bastion running in its Chrome browser at a press event last night after working on the technology to make such a feat possible for three years, says CNet, adding that “[Bastion's] gameplay was smooth and…the graphics were highly detailed.”

The technology’s called “Native Client,” or NaCl—an allusion to the periodic symbol for salt, implying per the dictionary definition that it “makes things more interesting”—and it’s powerful enough to allow a sophisticated action roleplaying game like Bastion to run in Google’s browser today. I mean literally today. You can grab Bastion from the Chrome store now for $15 (though, caveat, gamepad’s aren’t yet supported—boo hiss!).

According to Bastion’s developer Supergiant Games:

This latest version of Bastion is built to run right in your web browser, using Google’s new Native Client technology. This really is the full Bastion experience, featuring our highly acclaimed 1080p artwork, musical score, reactive narration, and play experience, all built to run fast and smooth just like our Xbox 360 and PC versions. And, much like those versions, you can play through the prologue for free. The full game can be unlocked for $14.99.

You’ll need at least a 1.7 GHz dual-core rig, 2GB of memory, 1GB of hard disk space, and a video card that with 512MB memory that supports shader model 2—pretty minimal specs, in other words.

And all that’s just for starters. Google apparently used last night’s event to announce that Chrome has over 200 million users, and to highlight other upcoming Chrome-based games. Look for IO Interactive’s Mini Ninjas soon, for instance, courtesy Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix.

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