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07 Mar 12 Google Search Tools Help Predict Keyword Trends; Why Marketers Love Chrome

March 6, 2012

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(Long Island, N.Y.) While some basic keyword phrases will always be used, having the ability to predict future trends in search within your niche can help develop a fresh content strategy. And if you’re looking into the future of search, who better to provide the crystal ball than Google? Google is the recognized leader in search, so it stands to reason that Google’s search predictions would be most helpful.

Google Chrome: Why Marketers Love this Browser

There are currently five (5) available plug-ins that can make Google Chrome a real workhorse for any webmaster.

  1. SEO Site Tools has been called “the most comprehensive SEO tool on any browner.” Besides the standard page data, it displays page elements such as header tags, social media reactions, and html/css error detection tools.
  2. Sorezki SEO Plus features 3 sections: optimization, site stats, and tools, displayed in a tabbed format. The optimization section shows page elements, keyword density, server and domain information, and recommendations. The stats tab shows information about social media activity and search engine info for the page. The tools tab lets you test page loading speed and check for plagiarism.
  3. For fast results and basic information, Google Chrome Plus can offer basic key metrics, such as PageRank, backlinks, and shares on social media.
  4. SiteTrail is a SEO tool that doesn’t clutter your browser window. It works with a right-click menu, and displays competitive intelligence such as estimated page views, estimated revenue, rankings and site traffic.
  5. Finally, SeoQuake enhances search results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This tool displays PageRank, backlinks, nofollow links, and web archive age. You can organize search results by age, PageRank, and indexed links. You can also view a detailed analysis of keyword density.

iGoogle: a Homepage And More

iGoogle is a build-your-own homepage tool. There are over 1000 gadgets you can use to customize your page, including RSS feeds for the latest in SEO and Internet marketing news. While many homepage creators dump your add-ons at the bottom of the page below the fold, iGoogle positions your chosen gadgets at the top of the page for faster access. It also offers Gmail users more than an inbox count: it shows excerpts from the top few emails so you can immediately gauge their importance.
iGoogle also supports free sharing of gadgets and feeds. Can your product or service incorporate a potential iGoogle gadget?

The Google Search Crystal Ball

Google Insights can take your keyword research to a new depth. Simply enter a keyword phrase and click. You’ll learn the geographic location data for people searching for that term, as well as top searches for that term (and the 9 nearest similar searches) as well as the top 10 rising searches in that niche. You can download the results as a CSV file into your favorite spreadsheet program–and receive even more results.


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