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24 Dec 11 Chrome Email This Page Extension

You may sometimes encounter pages, websites or services on the Internet that you’d like to share with friends, colleagues or family. Many websites offer sharing buttons to share the link on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Only a few offer options to mail the page to one or multiple recipients.

You can obviously just fire up your email client manually, copy and paste the link and/or description, enter the recipient’s email addresses before sending the email. While that’s a practicable solution, it quickly becomes a nuisance if you happen to email pages quite often.

email this page

Google’s Email This Page extension for the Chrome browser offers a much simpler solution that automates part of the workflow. The extension adds a single button to the Chrome address bar. A left-click on the button launches a new email draft in the system’s default email client with the web address of the site you want to share already filled out automatically.

All it takes now is to add one or multiple recipients, a subject, and if you desire additional body text.

This works not only on http websites but also https sites and even internal chrome pages.

The extension ships with a single option, allowing users to change the default email handler to Gmail. This is the only web mail provider supported by Google’s extension.

The extension description states that the extension will not only add the web address to the body text of the email, but that it will furthermore use the page title as the email subject. This did not work during tests. Both Thunderbird and Gmail showed a blank subject line on the write email page.

Email This Page improves the workflow slightly. It can be an interesting option for users who use a desktop client as their default email client but want to send pages with Google Mail. Chrome users can download Email this page from the official Google Chrome web store.

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  1. Maybe this was covered before in Ghacks (I haven’t found it though): there’s a similar add-on that might make Firefox users equally happy. It’s ‘Email This!’ available at

    I’ve used it for years, accessing its options via a context menu slide-off that will appear on almost all web pages viewed in the browser. It’s been my experience, though, that sometimes you have to move the mouse around on the page until the Email This! context menu item appears. Apparently there are some page areas or page design elements that don’t support it.

    Though I never used them myself, there also are toolbar buttons available for the various options (e.g., Gmail This!, Yahoo This!, etc.).

  2. I use ‘send this link with gmail’ extension in Chrome.

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