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24 Feb 12 Gabriel ‘Own the Chrome’ event starts March 1 – Search

Gabriel® (Ride Control, LLC) has
announced its “Own the Chrome™” sales
event offering consumers a mail-in
rebate for up to $125.00 when they
purchase four qualifying Gabriel®
branded ride control products between
March 1 and April 30, 2012.

The Gabriel “Own the Chrome” sales
event also offers consumers the
“Chrome-tastic” opportunity to win one
of Gabriel’s Chrome gift cards worth up
to $25,000.

Consumers are eligible for a sliding-
scale rebate when they purchase a
combination of any four qualifying
ReadyMount™, Ultra™, MaxControl™,
ProGuard™, or Strut Mount™ products
between March 1 and April 30, 2012.

Plus, when they submit a valid
rebate claim, they will automatically
be entered for a chance to win one of
seven Gabriel Chrome gift cards, worth
up to $25,000. A total of seven Gabriel
chrome gift cards will be awarded: five
gift cards are valued at $500, one gift
card is valued at $2,500 and one “grand
prize” Chrome gift card is worth

With Gabriel’s “Own the Chrome” sales
event, the more consumers spend, the
more they save.

If consumers:

  • Spend up to $200, they receive
    a 15% rebate

  • Spend up to $300, they
    receive a 20% rebate

  • Spend over $300, they
    receive a 25% rebate**

**Up to a maximum rebate of

“Gabriel’s ‘Own the Chrome’ event makes
it even easier for consumers to receive
the benefits of Gabriel’s super-
finished chromed piston rods on all
four corners,” said Michael Lipski,
vice president of sales and marketing,
Ride Control, LLC. “Plus, the chance to
win one of Gabriel’s Chrome gift cards
worth up to $25,000 is an added
consumer incentive to help installers
sell the ride control job.”

Every day, thousands of motorists ride
on shocks and struts that have too much
wear and tear to do their job
effectively. In emergency maneuvers,
these worn shocks can lengthen braking
distances, and affect handling and
stability; compromising the safety of
the vehicle and its passengers. Shocks
and struts also have a direct
relationship on the longevity of tires,
steering and suspension

Gabriel® has developed an “Own the
Chrome” sales event kit for
participating shops that includes a
poster, counter card and rebate pad.
To receive a kit, call 1-800-251-5932.

Details of the sales event,
qualifying products, rules and rebate
forms will be available at on
March 1, 2012.

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