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14 Dec 11 Tech Today: Microsoft’s App Store assualt, Chrome 16 outed

US pilots get in-flight iPads, replace boring flight manuals
American Airlines have been given permission by the US authorities to equip its pilots with Apple iPad tablets. The best-selling tab will replace the paper manuals and charts that pilots are compelled to flip through during flights. The weight difference alone, will save the airline $1.2 million a year. We just hope they don’t get distracted by Flight Control when they should be, you know…
Link: ZDNet

Microsoft aims for App Store takeover
Microsoft has continued its swift roll out of mobile apps for Apple’s iOS devices with the launch of the Xbox game Kinectimals (which is a modern day Tamagotchi-like endeavour) and the SkyDrive cloud storage portal. Earlier this week, the company outed productivity apps OneNote and Lync and last week we saw the surprising launch of My Xbox LIVE. It seems Microsoft has decided to keep its enemies closer.
Link: TechCrunch

Chrome 16 adds multi-accounts, but won’t keep your browsing private
Google has issued the 16th version of its Chrome browser and with it comes multi-account sign-ins which bring your personal bookmarks, add-ons and apps. This is ideal, you’d think, for households with a single computer. However, beware, Google has warned that this will not hide your rampant porn habit as it’s easy for other users to select your account using the tabbed interface.
Link: The Verge

An actual App Store launches in Denver
It used to be that High Street stores spawned websites to sell their wares, but now it seems the retail world has come full circle following the launch of the first ever brick and mortar App Store. How does this work, you ask? Check out the video below.


Google Street View shows unique-look at post-tsunami Japan
As the rebuilding efforts continue, Google has send its Street View cameras back to Japan to capture the destruction caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami earlier in this year. In order to preserve the images, Google has launched a dedicated website which shows Street View images before the tragic events in March this year. You can see it by visiting the Memories for the Future website.



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