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08 May 12 Chrome Extension ‘Do Share’ Allows For Google+ Post Scheduling

One of the largest issues that many users have with the Google+ is that it isn’t an open platform and lacks a useful API (a hangouts API does exist).  While some companies were able to partner with Google+ for 3rd party management the lack of an API makes custom solutions a bear for developers.  However, a new Chrome Extension, Do Share, leverages the browser to command your Google+ account and schedule posts.

Do Share works by keeping the Chrome browser open and logged into Google+.  As long as the browser is open and extension is active, Do Share will then post directly to your Google+ page.  The setup and usage is simple as well.  When clicking on the icon, the user is taken to a post entry page:

Once a post is saved it is saved to the drafts section.  Users can schedule the post by appending a date and time to launch the post:

If you accidentally close your browser (or are logged out of your Google+ account) your post will not go live.  Do Share makes this quite clear as well with their Kayne-inspired warning message:

The extension was created by Tzafir Rehan, a former Googler in Haifa, Israel who left at the beginning of the year.  It also should be known that Do Share does use Google Analytics to collect usage data, they state:

“Do Share is a client side application. There is no Do Share server, and no data is leaving your computer.

Do Share uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous non identifiable usage data, to measure use patterns. This information is used to make decisions on future features and identify failures.

I care deeply about your privacy. Data collected through this application will only be used to improve this application.”

Right now the extension works for Google+ accounts only, there is no support for pages.  For more information, see the official Google+ extension.

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