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29 May 12 GameStop starts selling Android tablets

Video game retailer GameStop has started selling tablets powered by Google’s Android operating system.

The tablets are available now at 1,600 of their stores. Each device is pre-loaded with content including free games, the Kongregate Arcade app and a digital copy of Game Informer magazine.

The retailer will sell tablets from a variety of manufacturers, including Asus, Acer, Toshiba and Samsung. GameStop also sells refurbished models of Apple’s iPad.

The move is part of GameStop’s broader effort to expand beyond selling traditional video game devices and games. Earlier this year, the retail giant started selling used Apple products, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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28 May 12 GameStop Rolls Out Android Tablets With Pre-Loaded Games To 1600 Stores


Diversification is the key to longevity. With that likely in mind, GameStop just announced wide-spread availability of Android tablets throughout its chain of retail stores. This comes after a 200 store trial that started last October.

These aren’t ordinary Android tablets, though. GameStop is preloading the Samsung, Asus, Acer, and Toshiba with extra gaming titles such as Sonic CD, Riptide, the Kongregate Arcade app and a free issue of GamStop’s gaming mag, Game Informer. Thanks to these extras and with prices that are inline with other stores, GameStop actually has a chance to capture a bit of the tablet market.

GameStop has recently been bulking up its non-game retail stock in a likely attempt to stop the bleeding. While brick and mortar locations still focus mainly on video games, the website offers headphones, tablet accessories, even refurbished iPods and iPads. The company started testing selling Android tablets last October. Today’s announcement states loud and clear that GameStop sees a future in Android tablets even if no one else does.

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27 May 12 GameStop touts Android tablets at 1600 stores

It seems as though GameStop’s bold move to begin offering Android tablets alongside its traditional packed shelves of traditional console and handheld video games may be working out in its favor. The retailer has gone from a bunch of test stores to now selling Android devices in no fewer than 1,600 locations. Among the tablets that the #1 US games retailer sells are those from Acer, Asus, Samsung, and Toshiba.

To tailor the offerings to its gamer constituency, GameStop pre-loads each Android tablet it sells with the Sonic CD and Riptide downloadable games, as well as the Kongregate Arcade app. Kongregate is a cloud-based game service that GameStop acquires in its effort to expand its horizons beyond the traditional gaming model. GameStop has also begun selling iPads and iPod Touch devices throughout the country.

It’s part of the retailer’s growing realization that the gaming industry is changing, and in order for it to remain profitable it has to adapt its business model as well. For example, the retailer sells downloadable content (DLC) in stores, even though gamers can just as easily purchase the content directly through their console. But this allows consumers to use cash, trade-in credit, or gift cards as opposed to a credit card, giving GameStop a unique position in the digital content market.

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