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30 Jan 12 AlwaysOnPC App Brings Personal Cloud Desktop™ with Open Office Suite, Chrome …

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) January 30, 2012

Xform Computing, Inc. announces its AlwaysOnPC mobile App for Android is available in the Barnes Noble Nook Apps store for the Nook Color™ and Nook Tablet™ devices.

The AlwaysOnPC mobile app from Xform Computing gives users access to a cloud-based “Virtual Desktop” from their Nook Color or Tablet. Now users have the productivity apps and features right on their Nook Color or Tablet device, such as:.

  • Chrome and Firefox browsers with Extensions like Evernote Web Clipper, toolbars, themes, add-ons, synchronized bookmarks and tabs
  • Support for ‘desktop-class’ web browser technology (such as Java-applets), needed for sites like Runescape, PartyPoker, Zoho, Office365, QuickBooks Online and more.
  • A full Open Office suite for editing Word Excel and Powerpoint documents –with copy/paste between any app! — and save-as to PDF
  • Dropbox integration
  • 2Gb of cloud storage
  • All connections are encrypted for maximum security.

For example, users can even host a Web Conference and share their screen (and show presentations or documents to participants) using the Zoho Meeting feature from their AlwaysOnPC Personal Cloud Desktop (TM).

AlwaysOnPC is available in the Nook Apps store at AlwaysOnPC for Nook:

About Xform Computing, Inc.:

Xform Computing’s “Mobile-cloud” architecture can deliver the vast power of cloud computing apps to mobile devices. It provides a ‘single target’ for developers to deliver HTML5, Flash, Java, Silverlight, Linux, and other applications to iOS and Android smart devices and tablets.

(Note: The system does not yet support audio or full-rate video, but these features are expected to be released soon.)

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